The cost of being Wonderful

Kaelynn: Daddy, you are wonderful.
Me: Why?
Kristine: Yeah, you are wonderful
Me: Oho, just because I bought you the Kinder Joy, I am wonderful?
Kaelynn: Yeah
Me: If I don't buy the Kinder joy, I am not wonderful, right?
Both girls: Yeah.
Me: . . . . . .

And so, for RM7.80, I get to be Mr. Wonderful
The chocolate comes in two halves; one being
the awfully sweet white chocolate/Ferrero Rocher
which melts at room temperature and the other
is a surprise plastic toy.

How to change bulbs the economical way

It is boring to change bulbs. In fact, it is so boring that halfway through, you would thing there is nothing else better to do than to go blogging about it and spicing the story up. Anyway, it is always the bulbs at the rear number plate which goes out very often.And just today, I discovered that one of the non-working bulbs has cracked. Which is fine but although the whole enclosure is sealed, the environment still got through , which is a mystery.

Hello, I am looking for some bulbs

Yes, the ones used for my Bengmobile's rear license plate

Yes, yes, its that 13 year old car

And the bulb just cracked. Strange, isn't it?
Everything is sealed inside and all things can still come in.

Oh, I am so sorry you dropped that tray of bulbs. Waht a clumsy oaf you are.

You are charging me Rm10.00 for a set?
But I just pitied your clumsiness and bought two instead of one.

Oh I see. So these are what the two muscular guys are here for.
Oh, I see, you are Boss in name only and you're not related to Brother Peter.

Oh I see. You cannot give me a discount unless I want to be beaten up by them.
What if I want to beat them up instead?
Oh, I see, they are very good at making Police reports and have big hockey sticks behind their backs.

Oh, I see. I must smile happily while giving you the money or I will lose my left eye.
Oh, you will charge extra for helping me change the bulb but will only charge less if I do it myself in your shop.

OK, thank you very much for your wonderful service and advise.
I will definitely come back again and patron your wonderful and friendly shop.
Yes, yes, you can have my name and IC number in case I do not stop by as often as you like.