Annual Dinner

And so, we had our Annual Dinner. Nothing to say much since I do not want to tell you much about this as its very P&C.

Lobsters, man!

Lots of things happened but I can only show you the things I took home: An unoponed bottle of Coke, some biscuits from the caterers and a cup of erm.... Chinese sweet herbal drink

What do we have Ear?

Sometimes, its hard to ignore 'new' things about your body when you finger yourself. The sensitiveness of your finger can really pick up any differences on the skin. Don't believe me? Then try this:

Run your forefinger through your opposite arm. Your will finger, just by touch, will tell you how smooth it is and the softness of your hair. No, it will not count the number of hair, though. Now, use a small blade and do a 5mm cut. Immediately, run your finger though it again. Now, it will tell you that the cut area is different from the other areas of the arm in the sense its wet and sticky. And if you don't believe this, the nerves on the other arm would have sent pain messages to your brain by now, reinforcing the message.

See? The fingers are very sensitive. You might want to try it on your friend but let me remind you that blades and private parts are a no-no with them for the first few times...

Anyway, while looking for more ear wax, my finger discovered sometihng hard and painful near the entrance

After some digging, its a growth of some kind, which as far as I can recall, happens when there is a heat wave. Don't ask me why but I feel its interrelated. But oh, yeah, it was so satisfying (but painful) to pull it out. I once ignored it and not only it turned to some hardened yellowish pus-like glob but my mind was a wreck trying to stop my fingers from going near it.

No Food and Drinks Allowed

You know what happens when you bring your own food to a restaurant?
You get charged extra or worse, refused entry.

You know what happens when you bring food outside the kitchen?
You get Ants all over the place and Grandpa bans you form his room.

And so, they cheekily put up this sign

;nuff said...