Living in Bangsar

I usually do not like to tell people where I live because I can tell where the conversation is heading:

Idiot: So, where do you live?
Me: Erm, Bangsar.
Idiot: Really, ah? Bangsar full of rich people, you must be very rich lor! So, why you dun change car/house/handphone/etc.?
Me: No money ler.
Idiot: Haiya, dun bluff ler. Living in Bangsar sure rich, rich wun! Hey guys, this fella says he lives in Bangsar and has no money wor.

At this point I am quite pissed off.

So look, you fucking arseholes who have shit for brains. We have NO money, OK? How many times do I have to fucking knock that fact into your head?

Back when we bought the house, Bangsar was a God-forsaken area where no one would want to live. Most Salespeople literally had to beg the owners to buy the houses because in the 70's, the only place to live was either in Kuala Lumpur or Petaling Jaya. And Bangsar was really out of the question.

And it was by stroke of luck that most Foreigners chose to live here in the 80's which helped put Bangsar where it is today. But take a good look, you stupid shit, because not all residents in Bangsar are filthy rich to the point where they can renovate their houses every few years or buy new cars all the time.

And you want to know something? Our combined take-home pay is less than RM2500. I have no real fucking job every since I was convinced by my Brother-in-Law to resign and join him only to be kicked out after three weeks. And with my current job, I have to accept a salary way below of a technician and still have to put in long hours. Happy now?

Why do you think I seldom come out with you guys for expensive dinners and meals? Why do you think I cannot afford things you all fucking take for granted? Why do you think I have problem repairing my car ever since some mad wack-job mechanic raped it a year ago? Because we can't fucking afford them, that's why.

I only have a room in the house and within a few short years, I need more space which means buying a house which I can ill afford. And you fucking jerk-offs think we're rich.

Fuck you.