System Installation @ Jalan Sungai Rasa

Today is a Sunday. I keep telling myself that.

But the job must be done. The reason is that the customer is very busy from Monday till Saturday. And Sunday is the time where we can move about in the Office without bumping into their staff and make them drop whatever they're carrying.

The job was supposed to start at 10 in the morning but unfortunately, the "help" I was promised did not arrive on time. So, while waiting for him, I prepped the system, re-counted the phones and make a rough floorplan so that we know where the new phones are going to go to.

Everything should be finished by mid-afternoon but due to unforseen circumstances (OK, there were too much cabling to clean up) we worked until late evening. The staff who had the keys turned from being nice to woefully nice.

Still, tomorrow I have to go back there to complete the remaining extensions as the other part of the office was locked after five. Yeah, and also to teach the staff how to use the new phones as its a bit different from their current ones.

And today WAS Sunday.

They're putting some flyover parts on the Federal Highway near the Subang interchange

The poor man standing has nothing to do, so he waves his itty-bitty flag around to amuse himself

The system is quite old and needs replacing, we figured the job would take about 4 hours, tops

When we opened it, the wires came out looking like this. There goes our Sunday

Ok, its not complete yet and just 9 more extensions to go.
But after 6 hours, we're too tired and the staff wants to enjoy what's left of her Sunday evening