Accident Incident

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Some threads are so dangerously funny. This was taken from I do hope he (KariSeng) would still be alive next week or his nose grows an inch longer.

KNBCCB! I was tailgated by this ah beng in his wiralution on the highway.
the farker was so damn close to my backside. I was quite pissed that time,
so i tap on my brake slightly just to scare him a bit and hopefully back
off. mana tau the fella skill no good slam into my rear.

TLMCH! Before i could even go down to access the damage, this pariah dog
came rushing out from his car with a truncheon. he had pai kiah face with
golden hair type. he knocked my car boot with his stick then point at me
ask me to come out. this is not the first time i meet road bully so i had
in mind what to do. if i argue with him sure he belasah me.

i wind down my window slightly and told him in mandarin "got anything talk
nicely". the ciibai kia still shouting profanities. so nvm la, i got down
and told him its my fault, all my fault. I also said i will pay the full
damage and additional compensation for his time. When i quoted an amount
he cool down a bit but still shouted at me say why i purposely brake.
Knowing that he is an uneducated pig, i didnt argue just say sorry sorry
sorry while putting my hand around his shoulder as a friendly gesture.

As he was just beginning to calm down for the first time, i quickly draw
my other hand and stab his eye with my finger as hard as i could. kena
jackpot sial. haha he was screaming in pain in mandarin "oh my eyes oh my
eyes" haha tai sei raod bully. obvioucly he couldnt even stand properly
that time. i hop onto my car and drove off. my finger was wet though, i
think covered with some liquid, maybe his tear.

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