Driving the Toyota VIOS

Because we're such a fan of Toyota, we're given a 2005 VIOS with a full tank to test for a few days.

Yeah, right.

OK, so one of my Sister in Law came back from Australia with three big monst....er, friendly people. And she wanted to show them about. On the first time we brought them over, our Avanza fitted the bill as there were six adults and two kids inside. But after that, they found out that the car rental scene in Malaysia is not only expensive but the quality of the car leaves a lot to be desired. And so, out of sisterly love or whatever its called, Sixth sister asked second sister which in turn got fourth sister involved, who asked her husband and talked to the other husband, etc. OK, the final story is that we get to drive her VIOS in exchange of our Avanza.

And I am so glad because for these six footers, fitting them into a Wira was already a problem and so, the Avanza fitted the bill. Anyway, yesterday was my chance to drive the Vios for real. This the model I loved due to the design on the front headlights and also the rear lights. So, how does it feel?

All I can say is, I loved it!

The first time I got in, the seats were very comfortable and supports my back nicely. Even the braking system was such a joy. Initially, it caused a lot of accidental stops but one I get used to its gradual braking, I felt as if I was really in control of the car. Never have I felt so confident driving an auto car and with its perky acceleration, I was smiling all the way. This is because with other auto cars, when I needed to overtake a car, climb a hill or roll off from a stop, I would need to step on the accelerator hard. But not the Vios. It just followed my desire as if it has known my driving habits for so long. When it came to corners, the car's stiffness was able to take it without me feeling any fear. We spent the whole night driving about the city. Oh, yes, and my Wife was there as well. We were also surprised with the quality of the car's standard sound system which was much nicer than the Avanza.

The car's alrm is also a bit weird for me. The remote is located in the key. So, youhave the LOCK, UNLOCK/PANIC and also BOOT buttons. But I am not so used to disarming the car from such a short distance, though. However, because of its splash-proof designs, this means the layer protecting the buttons tend to get torn very fast.

So, maybe, with some low profile tyres, good shocks, anti-roll bars, meters and modified air-intake system................. well, just maybe, la. After all, its not our car and it wll have to be returned in a few day's time. I must find a way to delay its return. Bwahahaahahaha!

Another thing I liked about the front is that I can take
out the front grill and replace it with those big gaping
hole types. Ha ha ha ha!

Not only is the boot spacious, its deep as well.

The design is OK but somehow, the fuel gauge in the
middle seemed as if it was put there in the last minute

There were the occasional panic of not able to find the
meters on the dashboard, though as they're all located
in the middle now, but once you're used to it, its OK.