Trip to Alor Setar

Just after our trip to Temerloh last night, our next destination was Alor Setar this morning (about five hours drive up North). One thing about these trips are that they're quite exciting for the first time. But after a while, boredom sets in. There is so much silence and sitting in a car for five hours. That's when those stupid cow jokes came into my mind. Yep, my colleague thought I was mad, laughing to myself.

Lots of Toyotas going up North

There was a roadblock which caused a long line of traffic

I thought it was the Airport's Control Tower but now I am not so sure

They have very scary chilli up here

Translation: Crash Road

I missed the sign but it advises you to be careful of low visibility due to open burning (read: Haze)

We stopped by Bkt Tambun

These are the boats which is the lifelihood for most here

I just love this shot

The sign of the times

Nice doggie which belonged to a lady the drunken guy was chatting up with.
He scolded me for taking the photos (a rule which forgot to abide)
After our meal he was still outside trying to chat up to the lady which was already trying to get away from him
And he was drunk by four-thirty in the afternoon
I wanted to punch him in the face but he could be a local big-shot.

The bill for this meal is RM41.60

Which comprise of crabs, fried cuttlefish, prawns, stir-fried vege.

Erm, I can't decsribe what it is, but in Cantonese, its called
Lai-Liu Har (Peeing Prawn)