Hello, you dirty little phone!

My technician brought in this phone from one of our customer who claimed that its not working anymore. As always, I would go through with my technician and discuss about the methods of repairing the phone. We would also speculate what caused the fault in the first place. But when we opened up the phone........

The smell is enough to tell me that it has been infested

The crockcroach eggs were everywhere and their small
black poo-poo dropped all over the table

So, I had my technician clean up the phone with thinner.
But he used WD-40 instead. I have been cleaning these
quite a lot when I was in helping out in the repair shop in
Toshiba. Now I don't want to do
it anymore. Yucks

As for the handset, well, its gone. We have to quote customer
a new handset since they thrashed it so much, gluing it back
would take a long time and it would still be very fragile