Fun with Play Doh

When I was young, I did meddle with plasticine. Not play, but meddle. I would take it out, and use rulers, bottles, etc. and roll them, shape them until it becomes something recognisable. But after the fun, comes the downer. Plasticine stinks a bit but overall, its oily. When you open the paper box, all you would see would be round strips arranges in a bar. And the colours, oh boy, the colours. You have blood red, sick green, shit brown, irritating black and putrid yellow. You know its oily because it comes wrapped in clear plastic.

Its like playing with rubberised oily clay. Its solid when frozen and melts when heated. Whatever shape you form, where the ends are pointy, it would be the softest (and fragile) part. Apart from teaching you how to roll a cigar, make a non bouncy ball, some moustache on the face or armpits, its a bit useless. And it does not even burn well. The only thing I regret not having done with plasticine is to roll it into a ball, then push a stick of "Moon Traveller" firecracker inside and film it in high speed............

Nowaday, the girls play with PlayDoh, the cleaner
and sanitised version of plasticine. I don't know
who bought it but I am starting to grumble as bits
of it keep ending up on the floor all the time.

Kristine with her snake

Kaelynn with her, er, snake too

I don't even want to know what she is going to do with
this now, except that Mommy scolded her.

Am I losing weight?

Ever since we bought the ultra expensive belt in December, it has been very loose lately, just a tug on the jeans and it would fall. Every step, I can feel it barely hanging on my butt. Today, I got the cobbler to punch in three more holes and it still feel a bit loose.

Maybe its work.

Most of the time, my friends asked me, "Makan already", I would lie and sometimes, I even convince myself that I did ate, or completely forgotten that I did not eat. With salary for the two months being very late, I was afraid of spending the limited cash in case I could not come out of the parking lot or toll. Yeah, how I wished they accept Credit Cards. Unfortunately, most of the customers I am seeing lately seems to be within the vicinity of ultra expensive parking lots......

Cannot be la. Three inches jor lor! Even my watch feels
a bit loose
on my wrist........ But I still feel so fat leh.