Some interior design activities

My customer is renovating a portion of their office and we were engaged to redo all their cabling. But looking at their current space and floorplan, I suspected that there might be a problem where the two manager tables are to be placed.

As the customer insisted that space is not a problem, I decided to prove it to her why the addition of a MFC (Multi-Function Copier) Fax machine and also the current orientation of the big tables took up so much space . In the end, I hope the Managers are not fatties.

This is the current section where I took down the measurements
for the room, its furniture and also notes on how they want to go
about renovating it.

I am surprised that just to do the floors and the tables, etc took
me about an hour with SketchUp. The walls and trunking and
its measurement text took longer as an afterthought. All are
accurate to the last centimetre.

Stay in my Memory - Bim

While I was searching for some videos, I came across this music video by Bim. The amazing animation is done by Katy Davis. See for yourself. He is still alive! Quick! Follow him!

And the "Father of the year award goes to...."

My good friend Jeffrey sent this to me on E-Mail but because it was embedded, I do not know how to dig it out. So I turned to YouTube and fortunately, not only did I find the clip, but it showed slightly more on what happened after the bike fell. Do not be alarmed if people stood and watched the whole incident unfold as this is a normal Malaysian trait. This happened somewhere in a petrol station in Malaysia. I tried that once (about ten years ago) on a technician's motorbike while he was idling and talking to us. Nearly made his bike ram into the company's metal doors. As the bike is quite heavy, I do hope the little girl is OK and not suffer any fractures.

A matter of perception

Kristine's favourite toy/companion lay on the floor

Mommy's perception
Kristine, please pick up the toy so that it won't get kicked by anyone especially (clumsy) Daddy.

Kristine's perception
[Comes over to me]
Daddy, Weenie is on the floor, so don't kick it, OK?
[Then runs away without picking up her toy]