Kaelynn's ponytail

Somehow, this little girl got
hold of a few hair bands and
decided to go all cutey.....

But because everyone keeps
cutting her hair, it was not
easy to keep these bands in
for long.

Kristine's PE Uniform

She is so small, even the smallest Uniform
is gigantic to her. You know, maybe I can
save on buying skirts too...

The Hairs from down there

As I sit and I think,
What else is game?

So I reached out and pulled.
Nothing wrong, but I'm fooled.

I feel the pain of being uprooted
Because I realised where I pulled.

It was not from the North nor the East,
but South near the snaky beast.

This one near the bird is not even a bush

Kuey Teow again

After the last time being there, I hope the fella has learnt his lesson about increasing the price of his Kuey Teow. Just to teach him a hard lesson about the customer not being stupid, I refused to order any from him. Yeap, he will be so downhearted and sad that he will have no choice but to reduce his prices. Yes, sir! I have taught this man a lesson.

Whenever I was there, I walked past him, to show him who's Boss. Yep. He will regret the day he raised the prices.

That is, if he is not too busy frying more kuey teow.

So, I walked again, and he's still frying.

And I walked back, he's still frying...

Oh, darn it. I'm hungry! OK, OK! I'll pay the darn RM4.50, then!

What do you mean its RM4.00?
When did that happen?
But its still 2 prawns less...
Ow! Ow! stop hitting me with the spatula!
I'll eat it! I'll eat it!