Weekend at the Sunway Resort (Hotel and Spa)

Kristine was waiting for me since this morning. But then she realised, I had to go to work and for the rest of the day, she just waited and waited. And by the time I got home, I had to quickly rush to get some things ready. And when we rushed out, we forgot this and that and had to return home again. By then, the car had to be refueled just in case.

And so, why was it so important?

Because we got a weekend stay at Sunway Resort's Hotel & Spa, thanks to one of my Brother in Law. And as usual, both girls were very excited.

Never too late to start them young, eh?
OH, OK, inside her bag was her Winnie
and Kelynn's favourite blanket. Its just
bulky but not heavy. To her, its HEAVY.

And thanks to Wife's foresight, we got a very
nice room with a view but we had to give up
on something, which is, a double bed. I wanted
to rent on of the beds I've seen outside on the
corridors but had second thoughts because they
were just not enough room in there.

Yep, nice view, isn't it? Wanted to get the kids there
but they do not have any swimming costumes and
neither did we. Also, you can't do much with just over
two hours left of Sunlight. I mean, by the time we got
them some costumes.............. its bye-bye time.

So, we sort of lazed around in the room for a while,
luckily, there was a cartoon channel on the TV. I said
luckily as the girls were so energetic, they were
screaming and jumping about in there.

By the time, they have cooled down, we let them
have the next best thing, not as good but still fun.

Yep, a small little swimming pool. I let them have
their fun until later on, when I came in, the water
was almost freezing. They have been playing with
cold water instead. We quickly wrapped them up
and got them in to the bed to warm up. Had to
turn off the air-con as it was always showing 23ºC
eventhough I ramped it up to 27

Finally, in the evening, we came down to the Sunway
Piramid, the Information Counter personnel gave us
some brochure and invited us to go the main area
Seems there were some activity going on for kids.

But by this late in the evening, the only activity
left was watching the bees clinging to a man and
story time. There were not much things left.

Kristine as afraid of taking any activities or join
the other children while Kaelynn was happy to
go near (but no join as well). Then again, with
so many doting parents surrounding the kids.....

And after much window shopping, we settled for a
Korean dinner at Chego Korea BBQ. Maybe we're
tired or there were nothing else to eat but I just
agreed with Wife to go in there, nice and cute girls
at the front or not. They served the food very fast
mainly because we arrived earlier than the dinner
time crowd. Here, we were served the side dishes
and the pieces of marinated meat. Wife was in the
middle of cooking the meat while the kids realised
everything tasted, well, hot.

Turns out that we do not have to do much as most
of the things will be done by the staff. The waitress
cut up the meat and vege, then proceeded to stir
fry them on the (now) heated grill. Oh, the green
lettuce leaves are for you to wrap the cooked meat
into a roll and then eat it. Notice the soya/chili/salt
mix on the left, once she has finished, they were gone
and I so wanted to try the chili powder. Turned out
its not necessary as everything was hot & spicy.

The girls looking on with interest. But later on, they
gave up on the meal as everything was either too
hot, spicy, sweet or just weird. So we got them some
instant noodles, 100plus, junk food on the way back.
It was too late to go for another meal as we were
too full to do another round of DBKL in case they do
not want to eat either.

Here is the shot of the meat that has been cooked. After
that, the waitress would cut everything up into small
pieces. The meat is very nice and sweet, but methinks
is a bit spicy too as the girls would not eat them. But I
got Kristine to eat a bit as I told her, everyone in the
family can eat hot stuff.

Later on, the waiter came and helped
mix the rice (bim bim bap) which is my
favourite and as usual, always forget to
mix it up first. I like it because it has
a nice mixture of soft and crunchy rice
mixed inside it. Yeah, its also like hot
claypot chicken rice.

See? All mixed and delicious!

And then the spicy soup came. Delicious too unless
you start coughing, which is bad news. But the best
thing is that all the side dishes are refillable and so,
we had double helpings of kimchi. And I am starting
to like them, but not as much as I love acar.

This was taken in the night as I could not sleep after
someone's karate kick woke me up.

Its not easy to share a bed especially when the
girls move about in their sleep. I ended up on
the foot of of the bed while Wife ended up on
the opposite side. As for the girls, well, they're

I missed the morning shot but
since we're on the opposite, we
can't see the Sun. Anyway, this
is the shot at about 1030, before
anyone entered the park.

One new attraction which I did not notice was this.
In a nutshell, its just a big tipping barrel when full.
But later on, I saw a lot of people underneath it,
waiting for it to tip over. Just like the Lat cartoon
when everyone was saving water during bath time.

This time, I made sure the water is hot so that the
girls would not catch any cold. Its still hard to set
the air-con's temperature and so we set it to off.
Yes, yes, we're wasting water but there is no bath
tub at home anymore. The mini-pool does not count.

While waiting for everyone to get ready, I got
Kristine to quiet down by getting her to draw
something on the Hotel's stationery.

First time I saw her drawing a girl. I am a bit worried
about the hair part, though. If this is her unconscious
or indirect way of expressing herself, I am worried.

One round of window shopping and
lunch before going home. Here, we
we're fooling around while waiting
for Mommy to find us. (We're lost)

With so much choices, we let Kristine
choose where to eat for lunch. And so,
KFC it is. Later on, she threw up. I too
wanted to throw up as the chicken, ....
"thing" I got was so dry and the rice
tasted like a half-hearted attempt

In the end, Kristine ha a slight fever of 37.2º and
slept until late evening. Me? I am still
exhausted. Very exhausted because I am still
recovering from Thursday ordeal, then
there is
last night's sleeping ordeal. Maybe its the weather
as I felt so lethargic, hot and my mind's swimming