Chicken Feet

Just like my Dad, Kristine also love chicken feet. And so, when I was at another customer, I saw some deep fried version on a mamak stall and immediately bought some. Because it was after lunch time, they offered me all the chicken feet on the tray. The deep fried chicken feet are (I think) fried the same way as their chicken which is very crispy. But by the time I got home, it was a bit soggy and as everyone wanted them, there was no time to stick into the oven/grill.

Kristine and the big bag of chicken feet.

Wife: Wah, so many, ah?
Me: Yeah, Dad and the girls liek them mah
Wife: So, how much for all these?
Me: About RM4.00, why?
Wife: Wah, so expensive! [poke poke in the box]. See, you got cheated again. Most of them are chicken neck underneath.
Me: [poke poke in the box] .. aiyah...
Wife: Don't try to eat them, OK? Stick to the chicken feet even though you don't like them

Kaelynn was enjoying them too. And after meals,
she tried to sneak out more chicken feet. I don't
mind but because they're oily, this makes her
hands oily, everywhere she goes, would have
oily stains.

You try taking it away from her......

Mark IX Tricorder on eBay


Up for auction is a Mark X Medical Tricorder that has a ratchet sound upon opening, followed by all the appropriate light sequences as seen on Star Trek Voyager and the later movies. Everything on it works as it should, the paint is absolutely flawless. Tricorder has 4 different sound modes that change when pressing the top E button. Handheld scanner also comes with tricorder and works (lights and sound) when the side button is pressed and held down. Sorry for the picture quality.. decals are not peeling in any way but all look new. Comes with the charger unit. I accept Paypal, Money orders, Cashiers checks and personal checks. (Will ship once clears). Feel free to email me with any questions. Free shipping with insurance and delivery confirmation to lower 48 if Buy It Now is used. Will ship worldwide.

The MKIX Tricorder opened. You can see all the details

of the labels and lights

When the flap is closed, all electronics would be off, just

like in the show

There is also a fully workng hand scanner under the Tricorder

It comes with a battery charger for the Tricorder's

internal batteries

The electronics at work

Its very bright indeed

Close up of the tricorder's sensor area

And that, folks was RM5,600 for a "working" Mark IX Tricorder with all the sounds and lights. Do I regret not having the cash to get it even though I am crazy about these things? No.

Really. No.

What is the use of a RM5,600 toy when you cannot carry it with you, drop it, scratch it, carry it in your pocket but to handle it with care, using white gloves and a display case, etc. Ha ha ha ha!

But, there is another mention. Master Replicas is coming out with the same tricorder soon and it would costs about USD349 (RM1,220). However, with Master Replica's failing reputation for its products, it might or might not challenge this Tricorder. There are other ways to get the same, which you could commission from a fellow prop member or DIY by buying the Roddenberry Tricorder along with the electronics. However, it really depends on you. BTW, want a Master Replicas Tricorder? See the Demo video below:

I really hoped you have pre-ordered before prices go up like what is happening on eBay.....