The Nerf Element EX-6

And so, the NERF Element EX-6 is here. Or rather, was here three weeks ago. Just like the Scout, I was secretly longing for it. And just like the Scout, I waited years for it. It was sold all over the place, except here. They even copied it in China and no one brought it over here. Originally, this gun was part of the NERF Diskshot but somehow, maybe it was not popular, they repackaged it to what it currently is now, which is the "Only at Toys r Us" pack.

And so, here it is, right in front of me.
Times have changed because it took
me more than 40 minutes to think up
of an excuse to buy this. If not for the
two scopes which bumped up the price,
it would have sold for far much less.

What? You think I'm crazy to buy this RM120.00 toy? Its so expensive. For another RM30.00, I could have gotten a Longshot already and its a rifle as well. Its a rip off because if you take away the two scopes, the gun would probaly cost about RM55.00, which is still more expensive than a REV-8 Maverick. How can I justify buying this.... this.... expensive thing? Is it worth it?

Of course! Of course! Justify be dammed!

Ha ha ha ha haha!


Haaaaaa ha ha ha ah ha aha ha!

Anyway, here is one of the scope. It uses 2x AAA
betteries to light up a red LED. You then slide the
lens in or out to adjust the red spot. Yawn.

Then this is the other scope, which has a very nice
orange filter.

This is the filter in place

And this is the normal view

You can combine the gun like
so but all it really does is to
add unnecessary weight to it.

The grip is quite nice but I have a slight problem
with my pinky though.

After the euphoria has died down, I realised that what
I had was not the same as their prototype. Above was
the original product it was intended for, the Diskshot.
I was attracted to the trigger guard design. The one I
bought was straight. The Chinese ones were same too.

Kristine loved it so much as it was an easy
gun for her. The plunger made it easy for
her to reload, just like the Nitefinder.

"Daddy, I want more bullets. Or else"

Kaelynn also did not seem to have any problem too

In fact, this is the best NERF gun of the lot. The
"thud" sound when you pull the trigger and the
sticky "splat" when it hits the target is just nice.

Testing my Patience

Oh right, you silly old monkey, leaving me there the whole afternoon waiting for you only to find out from a third party that you're not coming back. And you... you silly old monkey fart. We have agreed that today is the day for implementing the test and you did not bring the equipment either. Still, that is fine by me, after we discussed on how to set up the interface card and the wiring to your so-called relay to your fancy wancy amplifier.

I have already did the cabling, terminated all the
wires exactly as planned,

I even did a nice wiring diagram for you and your
Engineer who seems to be in absentia. And see the
stickers in the background?

Yes, I even labelled it all for you so that even a
monkey would know what to do, provided it
has gone through basic schooling, of course.

And what did you do instead? Yeah, you silly monkey. You called from the phone AFTER I was miles away from Nilai only to tell me about the actual configuration. Yeah, serves you right, what you assumed to be how it works, does not work. You should have told me exactly how you wanted it to be and not dodging the questions I asked. In other words, we should have sat down and discussed about how the project is going to work since I had a feeling you know nuts about Toshiba PABX. Not only that, you have wasted a lot of time for a lot of people and now, the real customer is not so happy with you. And my Boss is going to have a bone to pick with you and take back the card.