My mistake

Before going to see the customer just for a few minutes, I parked the car under the shade and told my daughter to lock the car doors. She is not to open the door for anyone except me. So, off I went to do my job and the customer's place is huge. So huge that I thought I spent an eternity walking while inspecting their place.

But by the time I came out, I saw my car's passenger door ajar. There was a bigger girl, dressed somewhat like a prefect doing a tug-of-war with my daughter. My dear girl was pulling and pulling while protecting her younger brother as well. I ran towards my car as fast as I could but my legs really felt like lead. I seemed to be walking instead of running. Then again, with my heavy equipment and since I did not tie my shoes, it was quite obvious.

By the time I reached the car, the girl was cooly walking away while my little girl was crying. There was a short plump lady standing quite near to my car, looking angrily at me, whom I assume she could either be the mother or a Headmistress. I looked at my car door, and realised its vinyl/plastic was torn away. I was so angry that I wanted to contront the girl but I realised I could be in the wrong since I did not see the incident. So, I kneeled down and asked my daughter what had happened. And in between sobs, she

That's when I woke up. I realised why I could not run fast enough because my dear Wife has convered my legs with a blanket. But that was a scary dream because I realised I could not help my daughter out of a situation which I have placed her in due to my mistake.