The Teluk Intan 4.2 Lap Marathon

Mommy is busy feeding Kristine

But Kristine has other ideas

"Let's move the stool away"

"For my 4.2 lap marathon run!"

"My second lap and Mommy is tired from chasing me"

"My third lap and three spoonfuls later"

"My final lap and yes, I am running in the wrong direction"

"Oho! What have we here........"

"Let's go for a closer look"

"Aha! Miss Auntie is going away, so I can...."

"Speak to this hensem guy here"

"Hello! A little privacy, please."

"So, you want to go out on a date?"

"Oh well, its time to get some rest
See how clever I am?"

"And this is the other shoe"

"And what a productive days it was. Ha ha ha"

Farewell Teluk Intan

So, today was the last day and I took this shot of the Fridge Magnets
Yep, time to start work again

These are fridge magnets which Kristine played
the whole time we were in Teluk Intan

Getting wet

OK, Kristine loves her hairband to bits

There was no water in Teluk Intan today
so we stored a lot of water which piqued her

She splashed about, from pail to pail,
bucket to bucket, as if playing water drums

And even tested them for freshness

Which made Mommy angry, so poor Kristine
had to wait for a change of new clothes