DIY "Passport" Photos

Wife said we have to have some "passport" sized photos of Kaelynn for her school by Monday. And so, using my Nikon D50 and the 50mm lens, I decided to DIY the photos myself. I mean, if we were to take her to a studio and all, its going to be very expensive. What with her reaction to strangers in the studio, there is a very high chance we WILL get a crap photo.

And so, Mommy makes some last minute
beautifications, no thanks to her fidgeting about.

And then, into the shower....

First attempt: Showing rabbit teeth
and smiling like a mental patient.

Attempt #7 - Distracting background
and wandering eye, thanks to the cat.

Attempt #12 - Trying to be sexy

Attempt on Day 2-Overexposed

Attempt #39 - Never brush teeth

Finally, we're getting somehwere

But we can't sent these to the studio

Finally, with a heavy sigh, Wife approved one of the above and I got them printed out at RM10.00 for a set of four. I could use my Dad's inkjet printer but I was too lazy to unplug it and connect it to the Notebook and also find the 4x6 photo cards and blade.........