Laying a cable

Our customer in Seremban called us to lay a new cable from one of their tables. This was because the phones did not work again. One good thing about this customer is that she does know how to check for faults after we have advised her long ago. And so, when it happened, she called us:

(Note: certain parts of the conversation has been spiced up to make it more interesting)

*ring* *ring*
Me: Hullo, this is ******* speaking
She: *******, the cable for the phone is gone again
Me: Let me guess, the one at the main table?
She: yeah, thats the one.
Me: You have checked the phone?
She: Yes, the phone's OK. Its the cable this time
Me: OK, we'll come over
She: Thanks. How soon can you come over?
Me: Next week.........
She: @#&* !!!!!
Me: OK, OK, how about this Monday?
She: Monday's fine. Come over or I shall kill you.

This is the reason why the cable failed. They were coming
out of the floor but without any protection apart from the
duct tape. As this table is always busy, the cables get the
most abuse from walking shoes and chairs. Note that here,
the three strands on the left are mains cables. If they are
abused as well, you can say, the person would be shocked.

See those cream coloured plastic thing? Its the connection
jack from the telephone box. This does tell a lot about the
phones at the table.

A lot indeed. These are some of the crap we dug out
from the floor cavity. There are actually three of the
cream coloured jacks. And they are all broken. This
means that the telephone sockets at the floor has
been changed quite a lot, even before we came in.
And we also know how it happened.......

Yes, the telephone sockets have been kicked until
the connection jacks broke. We could replace the
sockets but it will happen again and there is still
the problem with the cabling from the hole

And so, we have to lay a new cable. As the table is
completely isolated from any walls, we had to make
do with using the existing flooring conduits. We've
found one here, which unfortunately, has a lot of
crap as well.

Luckily, its dead or my tech would start to scream,
which would then make me want to scream too.

Finally, the job is done and we laid a protective PVC
casing from the floor to the table. I took this picture
while my tech went to the car for some double sided
tape as we will stick the phone sockets to the wall of
the table, high up from any kicking and also from the
cleaning lady's mop.

This is also another reason I need to visit this place
as this is one of the few placed where the system's
been installed to prevent fatties like me from doing
any servicing. Yeah, I think one of my tech has a
wicked sense of humour when they did this one.

One the way back, we dashed over to Seremban 2
where I need to buy one of those windmill things
for my Mom. This is not how it looks like as my
Nokia 5800 took it just as it was spinning in the
wind. Weird huh? If I used the Nikon D50, the
image would be different.

This is how it looked when I held it still. We bought
the other one, which is a bit more "normal" and also
cheaper. Later, when I went back to KL, it was sold
all over the frigging place.