Hobby Base 1/100 Hand

I was passing by a model shop at Cineleisure and saw this. It is a accessory model kit for a 1/100 robot. What is so nice is that it allows you to pose the fingers as you see fit. For the price its asking, I suppose its going to be as good as it gets since no other manufacturer would do this. Bandai would, but you have to buy the rest of the robot as well and they're not cheap either.

Please do note that although these hands are 'poseable', they are only poseable from the knuckles. The fingers itself cannot be bent at their joints.

I have not done this one yet but from the instructions
and the sprues, it seems
you can do two version of
hands, both
with different thumbs and wrist joints.

As you can see from the package, the fingers
of these hands will be very detailed.

There are three sprues in each pack

You know I'm winging it because there is
nothing else to post since this is going to the
'to-do' bin...