Teddy in the Car

I got my Teddy! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Haaaaaaaaaa ah aha ha ha hahahahahaha ha a


Kristine hits Malaysia

Everytime in the news, when you have reports of a Hurricane, Typhoon or some other natural disasters hitting a place, they would be given female names. So, here is the natural Little Monster, Kristine after her usual morning jaunt in the living room.

The trail of destruction left by the Little Monster

Lost in TPM

[This was supposed to be on 27.08.2005 2350]

It was about close to three in the afternoon that I cannot stave my hunger anymore. These days, its getting harder to keep on working without taking any Lunch (Well, it would save me time and of course, money too). So, like it or not, I had to take some time off from the job to look for food.

One thing about TPM is that everything stops in the weekend. There are no canteens for you too. Even the basement car park is closed to Visitors (and I had to call the gaurds to raise the barrier as I cannot reverse the car). Being a stupid bovine, they have no brains when it comes to putting up a sign telling Visitors that the basement carpark is closed.

And coming out from the stupid building is another adventure altogether. Although the building is round, and every entrance has a nice metallic map, there is no indication where the fucking exit is. They just put a red dot to say "You are here".

Halfway looking for the entrance, I stumbled into this automated water purifying station.
It cannot be a hydroponic farm because the plants on the left are not really growing well.

The station is so large, it stretches from one floor to another

There are some strange organisms to help in cleaning up the water

Funnily enough, they have been given names such as Misai Kucing (Cat's Whiskers)

After another 20 minutes, I came across this flooded garden

Someone must have drank a lot of beer as the plants are really flourishing

Even the fishes there are not Visitor friendly

They use water brooms to sweep the water area clean

But I doubt it can reach that far

After wasting more time, I finally got out of the deathtrap only to be tripped (nearly) by a mineral bottle on the ground

My reward for surviving TPM? Top Choc!

System Re-Installation at TPM Pt. IIB

[This was supposed to be on 27.08.2005 12 2348]

Today was supposed to be an easy job for us since we had already mounted the system last night. All we had to do is to trace the cables, activate it and do some minor programming. Yeah, right. SIMPLE is not a nice word because the job took us 13 hours and its still not even finished.

Because I was standing (in a single pose) the whole day, my back is sore and I don't think I can go back on Sunday to continue (This is also to make sure I do not get killed by my Wife for spoiling our Sunday plans). Yep, there would be Hell on Monday as we're having a few tight appointments to fulfill before coming over. Ha ha ha ha.

We arrived about 930 in the morning and began with the cabling connections

This is the before photo and I cannot show you the "after" as we stuffed a lot of other cables in there
(In case the cabling man might have Internet connections)

Just tight after lunch, seeing we're all sweating in the Server room, the customer made sure the air-con man installs the first air-con there, just for us. Yippee!

By now, the partitions are slowly coming in. So my guy had to re-trace the cables AFTER they wired in the panels because they did not follow the floorplan. Yeah, double-job for us.

The cable guy is stuffing a lot of Network and Voice cables into the partition frame, to be wired into the partition panels

Here is a closer look at the panels.
It contains (left to right) a power point, a blank panel for future use, a phone socket and a Network socket
Once this is done, the would look very neat (on the outside, that is)

An hour later, more partitions start to arrive and my guy had to re-trace the cables again. We had to stop work, wait for them to finish before we can continue.
Someone brought a speaker system and played those iritating hi-speed chinaman fengtau songs. I felt as if we're working next to a Disco. Yeah, psychologically,we did work faster, zombie-like.

We're bumping into each other (Network guys) all the time and smelling all those sweating bodies in that room and all over the place
The air-con guy is still fixing the air-con. I think we got conned by the air-con

By 1030PM, I am tired, and so is everyone.
My guy has left at 830PM so I had to go on by myself.

When I left 20 minutes later, the fucking air-con is ready.
Now all the partitions are in and no one
(me, that is) is going to re-trace the cabling this late as there is only so much madness I can endure. Everyone is slowly disappearing as well. And I really want my Dinner (and Lunch, if I can)