War with the Giant

I know these signboards have been there for more than a year but I could never take these shots when I was driving until now. This is the stretch from Sri Damansara towards Puchong.

[Top to bottom]
1. Giant believes the whole stretch belongs to them
2. It happily tells you that it has the biggest and newest outlet
3. Then Tesco spoiled Giant's perfect scenery

[Top to bottom]
1. Giant quickly responds that it is just 500 meters away
2. And just in case you forgot, Giant now is just 100 meters away. So why bother driving 5.6Km?
3. Oh, we're getting nearer now and Giant makes sure you really do not forget about them

[Top to bottom]
1. Just one more sign at the last exit. To remind you, in case you forgot. Really
2. Oops! You passed the last exit! Quick, there is a U-turn and you can still travel 1KM, right?
3. But Tesco says, no need as they're only 200 meters away.

The poison is slowly seeping in..........

Everyone has warned about the poison when I entered the DSLR World. I tried my best to keep away from the poison and I know its slowly working into my system because.....

Just today, I wished I had a wide angle lens
(and a nice tarpaulin to lie on so that I do not
have a wet and grassy T-shirt.......)

AC is AC and DC is DC

Me: You know how to measure AC current, right?
Tech: Yeah
Me: You just turn the knob to AC, OK?
Tech: OK
Me: The you put the probes and switch on, OK
Tech: OK.

Days later.....

Me: Can I borrow your meter, please?
Tech: Er, cannot.
Me: Why not?
Tech: Broken
Me: Why broken?

Tech hands me the meter and I opened it up......

Me: You tested AC with the DC setting, didn't you?
Tech: .........
Me: Haih.......... (No eye see)

XD.0911 Revolver

Something is wrong with me. I know I should not be buying this but yet I went ahead. Moreover, the toy is not as big as a real version. Cheh. Waste money only.

The size is ideal for a child.

Maybe the reason I bought it was because I have

never seen this type of loading before. Ha ha ha ha

Yeap, don't even dare trust moulded bullets. You can
still see parts of the sprues and they're not perfect

Poor Kaelynn

Kaelynn went out to play outside the verandah without
wearing any shoes. We scolded her many times because
although the house is ready, there are still a lot of sand
and sharp rocks. . . .
Still, with a swelling thumb, sore backside and now this,
she is very brave in dealing with the pain

Midnight shots

Still in the middle of excitement over the D50 and couldn't sleep, I decided to take some night shots. . . . . .

Note to self: Remove the small stupid metal piece on
the tripod before I scratch the D50's underside

Don't ask me what I was doing because at 130 in the morning,
I have absolutely no idea at all.

Alison Jackson

These are shots recreated by Ms Alison Jackson.

Imagine Camilla wearing the Crown or Bill Gates with an iPod

Ron97 alternative

I am seriously looking into this as an alternative to petrol. Everyone and a half days, I need to pump RM30 (15.625 litres) of petrol into the van. And if I am carrying a passenger and more stuff, I have to pump even sooner. And the van gives me about a measly 180KM in return, which works out to about RM11.5 per KM. Looking at the past few months, the van guzzled up about RM400 per month. So, this means I am travelling about say, 2800KM per month.

Now, lets assume the claim of RM9.00 per full NGV tank gives me about 180KM and there is a switch (I was told) that I could switch between petrol and NVG which means, when the NGV tank is low pressure (empty) and there is no NGV Pterol station nearby, I could use petrol instead, provided I filled it up first.

OK, lets work out some theoretical numbers:

Cost of full Tank-----RM30
Maximum distance-180KM
Cost per KM----------RM0.17
Cost for 2800KM----RM466.67

Cost of full Tank------RM9
Maximum distance--180KM
Cost per KM-----------RM0.05
Cost for 2800KM-----RM140

The cost of coversion to NGV is Rm3000 or so, and therefore, after the 10th month, it would have paid for itself already

However, all this is too good to be true, right? Yep. So far, after asking around, those using it have made me realise a few things:

1) You might have to join a long queue with the Taxis in the morning and evening. Other times, its a short queue
2) The NGV tank is huge and could take up quite a significant amount of space in the van (maybe 1/3 volume space)
3) Only Petronas has NGV
4) I cannot use my Real Reward card for a lot of points

So, is this the way to go? Time can only tell but just today, while at the Petronas station, already vans are starting to go the NGV way. I spoke to a "mini" bus driver and he showed me two tanks which costs him RM4000 four years ago, and now, he claimed the price would be RM6000 for the same two NGV tanks. Petrol prices have increased and there is the usual fear that
after the election, it would even go up more, which in turn, increases the price of goods.

But should I suggest it? The only one who is on a win-win situation would be me and not the company. Go figure.

That van is similar to the one I am driving now