Kristine and the Egg Tart

Lesson for the day

Never give your spouse food in front of your children.

OK, so Kristine saw the egg tart and wants it
She bit it, she licked it and she grabbed it

And the next thing, it crumbled to the floor,
with all the crumbs

And the crumbs were all over her face

Which means bath-time for her
And that is Lesson Number One

Time, time, please pass quickly

The trip to Kuantan today is just one heck of a long drive
Felt like driving for hours (I was chauffered this time)

I wished the car would fly so I can finish my job
and go home earlier to see my Wife

And when I got home.......... OMG!

The signs are here!

Oh-oh. And I am going to Kuantan today
Keep calm, man. Keep calm.