Funny Dinner

Well, nothing funny la. Just that I want to spice up
this post. Anyway, I have successfully
made the two
tosai sauces last beyond two hours
by putting them
in the fridge. They usually go bad after 2PM.

And since there are some left-over non- crispy
I decided to spread the surviving sauce on
it. Boy, it
was delicious but because it has lost its
crispiness, it was
like eating soggy biscuits.

Remember the Teluk Gong trip?
Yep, thats the deeep fried sotong
we doggy bagged. Kristine was eating
her rice and it was boring.

Because both girls were eyeing
the steamed chicken the whole

Well, once each of them
got their own drumstick,
you can see their eating

Kaelynn uses a bowl...

...while Kristine, well, uses
a pair of scissors.

Batman Begins Grappling Gun

This is one of the fastest delivery I have ever got. It arrive in less than a week. But then again, this is from Singapore. But if it was up to me, I can get it in less than a day. However, driving down there and up again is not a way to spend to much time and money for a little piece of plastic costing not more than RM60. I could save money but not time by cycling there but somehow, common sense insists I just pay for the postage, then shut up and wait...

I mean, have you ever cycled using a GPS to Singapore? There are so many problems to start with even when the bike has not gotten past the door. For example, you would have to modify both the dynamo and your phones car charger so that you can charge your phone while you're cycling. If not, you'd be lost in under an hour. Also, once you have gotten past that problem, you would have to maintain your cycling speed for the dynamo to work. In other words, you have to cycle very fast.

Thank goodness the GPS does not come with a voice (Nokia's OVI Surfer Dude voice) that kept saying, "What's the matter' dude? You're way below the legal speed limit." every few minutes. And we're not even finished with what you need to wear for the trip either...

So, now, it is so easy to just clickety click with the mouse...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnndddd, here it is!

Its the Batman 1/6 Grappling gun. I am not getting
the 1/1 scale not because of the Customs but the price.

Still, for that scale, it is very big.

And how big? Well, it is just about to hit the
6cm mark. I wonder if I can recast them and
do a crazy diorama out of it at a later stage....

Going to Klang

Although today is a Sunday, it is still a School Holiday for the girls and it was going to be a treat because we decided to eat out! And not just a normal 'eat out' trip, mind you. We're going to Teluk Gong for seafood. Teluk Gong has a special spot in my heart because it contained a lot of memories for me. For one, during my first job, we went there to celebrate a colleague's last day and on another occasion, mine. Not only that, I was there with my family and my newly kidnapped, Wife because...


because it was the only place I could think of at that time for seafood besides Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin in Northport Klang. Then we heard stories about robberies and so, we stopped going there for a while. I can't remember the details but someone told me that a gang of robbers would surround the whole restaurant and all the patrons would be forced to handover their belongings. Now that, is not something that I would look forward to.

And so, before we got into
the car, the girls struck a
pose for the Nokia n8

And both of them were wearing ponytails...

And so, it was off to Kota Kemuning first because there was something I needed to pick up from Bruce before our Penang trip. Its a top secret package meant for... erm, I should not be telling you that. I just hope that there were no white powder in there.

While we were in Kota Kemuning, Kaelynn
wants to make sure that her hairclip really
makes her look beautiful.

Unfortunately, because of her stunt with
the scissors sometime ago, the short hair
sticks out and no matter how hard she
tries to hide it. I was a bit cruel and so, I
laughed at her, which made her cry.

Luckily, Kristine came to her rescue
and helped to hide the hair.

Aah, now she looks better

By the time we arrived at Kota Kemuning, there was some problems with Dinner arrangements and so, its Westport instead of some Bak Kut Teh which I thought was the main attraction. The girls did not like it as their thinking was, "We want crab and not piggy bones". Oh, dear.

And so, after a long drive, we reached Teluk Gong and since I know nuts about ordering food (it is rude to just pull the waitress by the hand, go to other tables where people are eating and point to the types of dish you would like to eat), I left this delicate situation it to my Wife. So, the first thing that came to our table was the vegetables. I loved it but the girls were hoping for the crabs.

And finally, for the second dish, the crabs came. Which is a bit of a relief for us as this really made the girls quiet. And so, its hammer-time! As usual, we had to break the shells so that the girls can have access to the juicy bits in the claw.

And then the deep-fried squids came and it was nice. But the girls were more interested in the crabs. By this time, the meal was going great and I was starting to forget the news about robbers and so, I relaxed a bit too.

Then the fish came. OK, so it was a bit small and all but the sauce was nice. Still, it had a lot of bones and I had to make sure that most of the bones, if not all, were taken out before any of the girls could eat the fish.

Yum-yum. A nice dinner for everyone. We did not order much drinks and other stuff as although it is a treat, it does not mean we have to splurge.

And an even nicer bill. The fish was a fucking rip-off. And I was not happy about it. Still, because the evening was nice, I decided not to spoil everyone's mood.

In the end, we did not meet any robbers coming from all directions but, we were robbed nevertheless. Shall we go back there? No.

Finally, after all that, I got back to Bruce's house and we talked and talked until 1AM. While the both of use were upstairs, my Wife and girls were being entertained by Lee Ping, Bruce's wife. Still, this was easily the best part of the night for me as I finally go to go to his house, which ironically, was next to the shops which we always go to when we were staying in Kota Kemuning. And the above picture? well, one is a new project and the other is top secret. There was another item which I could not show it to you as I have promised Bruce.