Funny Dinner

Well, nothing funny la. Just that I want to spice up
this post. Anyway, I have successfully
made the two
tosai sauces last beyond two hours
by putting them
in the fridge. They usually go bad after 2PM.

And since there are some left-over non- crispy
I decided to spread the surviving sauce on
it. Boy, it
was delicious but because it has lost its
crispiness, it was
like eating soggy biscuits.

Remember the Teluk Gong trip?
Yep, thats the deeep fried sotong
we doggy bagged. Kristine was eating
her rice and it was boring.

Because both girls were eyeing
the steamed chicken the whole

Well, once each of them
got their own drumstick,
you can see their eating

Kaelynn uses a bowl...

...while Kristine, well, uses
a pair of scissors.

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