31082011 Bookfair

Bookfairs was the last thing on my mind ever since I stopped going to the Computer Fairs. Well, they did get girls then, to attract more people but I was not interested. I mean, why?

Why go to a place crowded with people, hot, sweating, smelly people who are pushing and touching you all the time? And when I say smelly, they smell as if they have not bathed for days. And those body parts that seem to violate your skin and rape your sense of touch.... ewww.... Just ten minutes in that, even if you're surrounded with beautiful girls who has triple or quadruple botoxed their boobs, I just do not want to be there. And even taking a nice shower before going there does not help as at the end of the day, you just smell and looked more like a homeless bozo who just found some cash and do not know what to spend on.

And speaking of spending, there are nothing worth going to PC Fairs anymore. Whatever offer such as RM1 for a 4GB Thumbdrive (limited to one person, etc) is always 'Sold out', even if you just arrive an hour into the opening. What attracted me was during the final hours of the fair, where there were real discounts because, look at it this way. If you're the staff and you NEED to pack everything back to the van/lorry/car/bike in two hours after the Fair closes at night, what would you do?

A. Declare a SALE of a SALE and hope the Vultures (as in you and I, the cheapskate customer) will take everything. Then you would not have so much stuff to carry back to the Van/Lorry/car/bike/BF or GF's car/taxi, etc. Of course, you might not bring in much profit but hey, no one wants to lug stuff until midnight.

B. Stick to your guns and then beg your Colleagues/Friends/Homeless Hobos to help you carry all the stuff which you have brought in days earlier. You might have some profit from last minute panicking customers who though you have a SALE but did not.

C. I am the Boss and I will flip this coin to choose A or B. That is, as soon as I finish this cup of ultra expensive latte.

Anyway, this time, the Fair that I NEED to go to, is the Bookfest. Just look back at the words NEED. Yes, I NEED to go there. Because everyone else in the family also NEEDs to go there. And why the NEED? Because Ultra-HM (Mom) and HM (Mommy) said so. In respect, I do not NEED to highlight what would happen to me if I did not obey...

Kristine is getting ready for the Fair. Again, as
this is Public Holiday on a Weekday, The condition
I set for Ultra HM & HM as that we need to go there
early to avoid the jams. We could have taken the LRT
there but I don't want my Dad to walk unnecessarily.

This is a place I am starting to like. This is the
KLCC (Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre). Its
long, spacious and cool. Also, it houses the Aquaria.
No, I am not going there because like any other
'Grand' projects, anything more than 6 months
is not worth going and I missed the boat on that
one years ago. One word: Maintenance.

Aw, lookit all the books on display, and after going
the place at least four times, I estimated that I
would need to spend at least RM6,000 on books
which I will read about 12% of them, buy some
Ikea bookshelves for them and also at the same
time, drop by and talk to the Tooth fairy about
how long I have believed in them.

At every corner, you will see a lot of people reading
books. Most of them will be sitting on the floor and
some can even be seen leaning on the walls/shelves
/other upright objects. You'd think these people are
cheapskate right?

The same also happened here, where they start to
read AFTER they have bought the books. Some
even went back to buy more.

If you know them, they are the artists from Gempak.
If you do not read Gempak, you do not know them.
But the poster and banners helped...

The girls with their books and
what-nots. Tust me, this is the
first round...

As long as you have this, you can go in and out of
the exhibition area as often as you wish. But you
must remember to take it off everyday. It is not
a memorabilia of you surviving a crowd.

Since there are no other Resturants nearby, we
had to eat at the KLCC. It felt as if we were ripped
off but no. There are other places to go if you want
to walk. But I guess, everyone else had the same idea
and so, we had to wait for a very long time for a
table. I tried the theory or trying to eat after the
Lunch hour but it was still full of people.

At the same time, because its a Public
Holiday, people from all over the World
also gathered at the KLCC. Countrymen
from places such as Bangladesh, Bangladesh
and even Bangladesh came to congragate
and take photos of anything that fancies
them, to the extend of standing in the middle
of the waterfall.

I like this shot of a tired man, lying on his back.
Its as if the man was so tired, he's lying on his back.

Upon closer examination on some of the books, there
was something alarming at the back of my mind. Sure
these two books costs the same but the covers are
very different.

Not only that, their edges were very
different as well. This was the same
with at least two other titles. Hmmm...

We stayed on because of the guest speakers who
were very effective. Most of them drew laughters
and encouraged participation from the shy crowd

Dad was so impressed that he bough a book

to be autographed by one of the speakers.
Singaporean or not, it does not matter

More than six hours into this madness, the crowd is
still strong and this, I think, is the second day.

On the way out, the girls were distracted by the
some Art Place selling, you guessed it, tools to
make stuff like these.

The way they were demonstrated, the tools
looked so easy to use. But through experience,
you'd feel like having two left hands.

All the demonstrators were fast and very very

It took less than a few minutes to create this card.
Needless to say, we bought some and the bill was
@#$*!!!! I never had these as a kid, though.

Some people were so hungry....

Yes! Bak Kut Teh and Steamed fish at OKR!