Home Alone Dinner

Tonight, wife has gone out to the Palace and this means i will be alone for dinner. Which is not a problem since there was quite some leftovers in the fridge from the dinner the night before, especially the delicious fish curry my Wife made. And so, its pasta with the fish curry. Then i saw some leftover rice in the rice cooker and heated it up as well. And since while we're at it, I sliced a whole onion too. This should make a nice dinner.....

...hey. who left the fish in the curry?
Now I have to eat a whole lot more!

Iron Man II toys

I just realised that the iron Man II toys, especially the toy Arc Lights are disappearing fast. And so, while I was deliberating to get more, my brother SMS-ed me as he saw some IM II Toys. And so, after a few choice replies, he got me two arc lights and one Ivan "whiplash" Vanko 3 3/4 action figure.

And so, three items costs about RM100 and since he
was 'busy' with his work and would not tell me the
actual cost, I decided to keep quite until he is 'free'

There is a problem with the Whiplash figure.
He looks nice on this card. And he also looked
very nice in the 1/6 scale Hot Toys series too.

But here...... oi yoi yoi yoi yoi!
He looks more like some Manga
character with a large scars on
his forehead.

So, why do I need so many Arc Reactors? Someone on the Forum expressed interest and then never replied back. Then, there is a Build your own Arc Reactor competition which I am not entering because of so much issues with dollar Stores and all. But I am hoping to make one up and donate as a prize. Only problem is, do I really want to make it remote controlled? Heh.

Bad Breath

This is what happens when you have bad breath
while talking to a customer. No lar, she just went
out because someone was looking for her

Hanging at the Curve

After my appointment a Surian tower (Surian.... surian.... why does it have a Lord of the Rings theme to it...?) I decided to walk around the Curve to see what can be eaten for lunch. Alas, it was still too early and I have another appointment. And so, I passed by the Cinema level instead. There is nothing much from the Outpost Toys and even if I forced myself to buy something, there is nothing to buy for the moment, apart from the NERF Longstrike. But then again, Nerfs seems to be out of flavour for June.

They're promoting the Toy Story 3 now.

Weird toys here. And I hate anything
that resembles kubrick. Its just a mutated
version of Lego figures.

Maybe mutated is a wrong word. i was
thinking more of bastardised, pariah, even.

Ah, the Longstrike below the Longshot.
Its now one of the longest NERf weapon
around but easily also the weakest or
bordering on crap.

One of the advertising gimmicks in the
toilet. It will display the ad but when you
walk past, it will turn itself off, which then
becomes a mirror. I was hoping it would be
programmable because the sensors, just like
the ones on the urinals would detect your
presense. Imagine it was programmed to do
the opposite: Just as you were admiring your
ugly mug on the mirror, it turns on and shows
you this: