02.04.2020 Hunting for food in the Urban Jungle

So, we;re now in the Second Phase of the MCO (Movement Controlled Order). Although we're still required to stay in our homes, we're still allowed to go out for the sake of shopping for groceries. However, for the Second Phase we are only allowed to travel alone in a car. This is not a good thing so, my Wife and I had to drive two cars...

It was slightly after Two in the Afternoon as my Wife insisted we go out after Lunch.
Also, during this period, the car park entrance was free which is a kind gesture by TMC

This is one of the rare instances where the Staff outnumber the Customers.
On a normal day, you will only be able to experience this when they open around 0830 in the morning

They will let in about 5 Customers per time and each would be handed a card with a number.
The outgoing Customer's number is then handed over to the Guard for the new Customer.
The highest number I have seen was 47.

This is the second time I was here and now, apart from spraying your hands with sanitizers, they will take your temperature too.
All the cheap SPAM has disappeared. and these are the only ones left

Even the affordable Sardines and Tune has gone
Time to get this elusive Anglia Shandy which my daughters love

Allt he shops are closed, except for the 7-11
This is one of the few busy streets in Bangsar and well, look at it now

In the 80's (when I started to use Public Transport), this was how the main road looked like: empty
You can lie on it for a few minutes and there would still be no car coming up.

Time to face the music as I accidentally broke an egg...

Life in 2025

One day, we will all wake up to fresh air and to the sounds of nature all around us.
We will eat fresh food grown from our own garden and slaughter our own meat just like how our Grandparents did. We will feel at one with Nature. We will.

Through technology, our bodies toned and kept to top conditions through auto-acupuncture which simulates muscle activity and we never get sick much. Maybe its the unfiltered tap water or the slightly dirty pumped indoor air, but I believe they are part of helping our body's immune system to fight any diseases. How do we know that? All Information comes from the screen, thanks to the Govenrment who are workng tirelessly to ensure the contents are authentic.

Daily life is so normal and bliss. Why commute to Office when you can work at home? Even your children are being taught right in their rooms, downloading accelerated information into their brains. And their tests? Perfect score all the time! And they are so well behaved, and well groomed, just like our neighbour and their neighbours too. This technology allows children the right to education all over the World, at the same time, and at the same topics, all towards the peaceful goal of a Unified World.

Missing your friends? You can dine with them at the same time zone with you, right from the comforts of your lounge. And today is Friday, which means everyone is enjoying Beef Stroganoff blocks. Oh, don't worry if you're a Vegan or have some Religious inhibitions. The Department of Social Correction will help you to think just like everyone else. Still,if you think your friend is not behaving well, give the Department a call and you will have a new Friend before you start to miss them. Sometimes, there would be random parts in the block and we know, some of these guys at the Factory are just plain Jokers. No, that wrist tag did not belong to you former friend. Those guys just accesses your friends list and printed the name tag. Really. Stop asking questions or we WILL come and pay you a visit.

Working everyday at the office is bliss as all you every need to do is to execute commands and the automatons would do the rest. Yes, you are the most inportant part of the World's Economy as only you, and the rest of your friends can fill the gap where decision making is concerned. Time will have no meaning as what cannot be completed today, can wait until tomorrow. We are all the same, every where, every time. No more Wars, No more Politics, and importantly, We are One.

There is no need to come out of your house but if you really need to drive around, just remember to get that Medical Tag approved before Lunch or else you will have an un-excellent day. You can drive any car you see on the street outside but remember, it has a 5Km distance limit so you need to plan your trip well to prevent any location lockdown when the Siren sounds at 1900. Don't worry, all these are momentary solutions until the Government has solved the latest Virus which has ravaged a lot of innocent for the past few decades. Do your part and soon, we will all be able to beat this.

So, Dinner is done, sit back and enjoy a good cup of Selection #14 with your Wife. Oh, go on, have some 0.5g of sweetener, then. You deserved it for being a good boy! Wait, you Wife does not like you being too friendly tonight? Have you checked your Social Distancing etiquette? How about your Social Touching meter? Remember, there is a limit on non-sanitized bodily contacts per day. Oh, she is moody all evening? Right, a new Wife would be sent to you before your scheduled 2245 bedtime and we'll need an additional half hour to make sure your children knows their new Mom. Shall we match her bases on last week's Perfect Mate survey?

See you soon, Buddy and don't forget to take your daily Formula 152!