08.06.2020 How not to do a campaign

So, as I was driving my daughter to some location which I forgot, we were passing through the Batu Tiga Toll (not=w demolished) where I noticed a lot of people wearing white overalls, with yellow helmets, goggles and face masks. They were in the midst of putting up some black vinyl netting next to the Toll entrances. It was quite haphazardly done and some cars actually went through them and smashed into the Toll dividers.

When it was our turn, we carefully maneuvered through, I was given a big wall calendar and roughly told to go to the Toll Office. Had to drive up there, missed the turn and carefully reversed back to the small lane to get to that office. Once there, I was informed that I had the WINNER Calendar and was told to wait for the Prize Giving Ceremony.

So, a bunch of us waited. And waited. By now, it is nearly ten in the morning, which means I have been waiting for nearly three hours. and, they (or rather, the female CEO showed up). She looked weird, disconnected, maybe tired. So, it seems that we, are fodder for some last minute Company Campaign.

This explains the haphazard ads (or netting) in front of the Toll Booths, the the weird instructions by the 'Staff' and the CEO's tardy appearance.

In the end, I walked out and went on with my destination, trying to think of a good reason for my Daughter's lateness to school. And then I woke up, wondering what has this dream got to do with us?

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