The Cleaning Lady

In nearly every site I go to, they do have cleaners in their premises. Either the staff were too busy working or they do not realise what soap can do. So, usually, these cleaners would have to fill in the blanks. They do their job well (usually) and are usually ignored by the rest unless there is something to be cleaned. Don't try looking for a young one because these are the "seen-it-all and know-it-all" experienced ladies usually in their 50's. The cleaners come in three categories:

1) The old lady
Who is actually part of the workforce. You know this because she also makes drinks. Sometimes, there are cases where to do cook lunch as well. Her uniform is either a Ah Sam (Old lady) clothes or some collared T-Shirt with tight fitting pants that runs down to their calf. If its a Malay lady, she would be wearing the appropriate Malay dress. Depending on their mood, they usually ignore you. Its best if you did the same unless you absolutely love chatting with them for hours or like being tongue-lashed.

2) The Hired Cleaners
You can spot them easily because they're wearing uniforms and seldom smile nor look at you. In actual fact, they do NOT want to communicate with you. Although there is a wide difference in age, you do not want a Girlfriend who cleans up after you, cooks and sleep while wearing a uniform. (If you did, I do not want to talk to you). With their large uniforms and their petite size, you'd be looking around for the male version of Snow White. You would be correct to think they are the decendants of Jawas from Star Wars.

3) The Unfortunate Staff
These are the new recruits or those who "volunteer" for this job. Since they get paid every month, they get to treat you like shit and ignore you too. But if you really want to get back on them, be pally-wally with their Boss and get THEM to serve you drinks. And expect "extra" added flavour in your cuppa. And by the way, they may look young, innocent and sexy but these kinds are best to be avoided especially after being introduced to the sadistic art of Office Politics and back-tabbing Kung-Fu.

My encounter this morning was with the Ah Soh, who was going through the floors with her mop. Suffice to say, cold hard floor tiles and water just does not make my socks happy. Not only that, we kept bumping into each other as we were literally all over the place doing our jobs. I had to eat humble pie and keep my mouth shut for it is wise to avoid the Legendary Ah Soh who has the strength of 10 jilted women on PMS and 1000Watt voice of a fish monger going through a Rap session.

This is what a typical hired cleaner looked like. Yeah, I cornered her in a lift

Now, who on Earth would want do that?

Ladies and Gentlemen, We have Streamyx

Well, its a nice suprise this morning, coming into the office to find out that Terrokom has installed Kepong. We have waited months for this.

So, its now 830PM, and I have finished setting up and configured all the PCs to have access to the new 3COM router (with Wireless G, but I have not set that one up yet) for Internet. Oh well, time to go home and update my website.............

Stupid proverb of the day:
Screw a Chicken and there goes your Generation

Meeting relatives from the Other Side

In all aspects of the Chinese, respect is one of the most important things in Life. And it also follows through to the AfterLife. We have to respect and worship the Dead (Ancestors) for without their efforts, we could be the sperms that went splat on the wall or flushed away. So, it is one of the important events in a Chinese calender.

So, on this day, (usually 4th or 5th of April or the First week of April) people are advised not to do anything critical except to "han san" (walking the Hills) to the Graveyard, cleaning and weeding their ancestor's graves. Then, they will burn incense/joss sticks and offer food and wine to the deceased. Plus, paper effigies of cars, money, clothes are also burn as well.

This is because:
(Ok, I got this somewhere from the Web as my own interpretation was NOT to piss my relatives off, living or not)

The practice of ancestor worship is based on three beliefs:
1) that a person's good or bad fortune is influenced by the souls of his or her ancestors;
2) that all departed ancestors have the same material needs they had when alive; and
3) that the departed can assist their living relatives.

This is a newly created path to some new section. Looked a bit dark.........

Ok, the instant Hell Transporter malfuntioned during our burning of the paper effigies and we nearly started the next Haze here

Sign on a toilet wall
Malay: Siapa yang tulis semua ini adalah anak haram (kecuali saya)
English: Whoever wrote all these (grafiti) are bastards (except me)

Stupid proverb of the day:
Downstream water tastes different from upstream

Polyphonics, Dinner & A girl's Kung-Fu

I just realised that having a phone with polyphonic ring tones is not as fun as it should be. Sure, it offered nice tones when you're in a meeting, cinema or even in the office. But in a noisy environment where you're facing the wrath of a customer who happens to be an Opera singer, watching sausages explode in a frying pan, screwing around with a hammer drill, choking from a decaff, well, you get the picture.

At the end of the day, as long as the Bluetooth headset is not superglued to my ear, I have a lot of missed calls. And I mean lot of missed calls.

Maybe I should have gone back to those monotone buzzer phones.

This was my dinner across The Weld: Oddles of Dhal mixed into the mountains of pure white rice, fried chicken and left-over fried crispies, and such obscenities covered with the remains of an unborn chicken

Well, Kristine is practising her Kung-Fu again

Stupid proverb of the day:
Chocolates and toilets do not mix

Riding the storm

Yep, this is it. How can I describe the feeling........

You've made your favourite cup from coffee with beans from some obscure place which no one has ever heard of. So, the coffee smells good, feels good and looks good. But once you drink it, it has the consistency of sand and tasted more like curdled milk. And that cup was meant for your Boss who is now screaming for his cuppa hours ago.

So what went wrong?

All of us were at the customer's place the whole day and can't figure it out. And tomorrow, the ordeal continues yet again, where if we can't solve this by Monday, heads are going to roll. My other team is still at another site, where the job must also be done by tomorrow, with me putting the finishing touches in the afternoon. My other colleague also has problems of his own, with his Dad critically in the Hospital while he is with his 2 week old daughter. Sigh.

Stupid proverb of the day:
If you did not butter your bread, you won't know which is the right side up when it falls

And there she was.....

I was at Menara MPL, right across The Weld. Since luchtime was over and I was not feeling hungry (Honest!) so I decided to explore the place a little. There's not much shops but its enough to cater for the normal Office Lunch-time crowd. Yes, there are shops selling stationery, newpapers, VCDs and DVDs (office productivty coutermeasure device), snacks, mobile phones and even a PC shop. Since there are three floors, with the Grould floor being the "best" of the lot, I decided to see how other shops fared in the upper floors.

And there she was, coming out of the escalator. This girl is very different. You see, there are beautiful girls and then again, there are beautiful girls. And when it comes to girls, beautiful or not, I can't be bothered to look at them since I have too much work already. But what made me look at her was her plain-ness. She was actually a very ordinary looking, just like the normal Plain Jane next door. She had short hair, her walk was brisk, and she was wearing a pink kebaya which hid most of her womanliness. So, all the time I was looking at her, wondering which features made me stare like a gibbering baboon when it occurred to me............

That I have walked into another escalator coming down in the opposite direction.

A picture of a hot chick

Oh, look! A mini Nuclear bomb! Either that or its a new German teapot that automatically walks towards your cup when it needs refilling

No its not. Its a some kind of a leveling device, using lasers so that the contractors won't give you crooked ceilings and shelves, no matter how hard they try. And its very cool when switched on because internal servos will align the mirrors so that they're level with the surface

Stupid Proverb of the day:
A TV can never replace a good book and great imaginations unless there is a Playstation connected to it

The War Machine

When Tony Stark (Iron Man) suffered bouts of depression and couldn't handle his drink, he gave his Iron Man armour to James Rhodes who became Iron Man. While Stark was recovering, Rhodey went a bit bonkers because the cybernetics in the armour's helmet was not properly calibrated for him. So, after donning a spare old armour, Tony managed to stop Rhodey before more lives were endangered.

Later on, with a very much recovered Stark, Jim joined him in a new venture and this resulted in the creation of the War Machine armour.

So, I got this Marvel Legends figure for RM40 from Ultimate Toys at Amcorp Mall. I have not opened it yet, but it has a lot of stuff for that price; A comic book, accessories, a transparent stand and Galactus's Right leg. Ha ha.

These guys were not looking at some photos at the Kodak kiosk but some kind of movie

This is how it looked in the casing. His face looked a bit too fierce.

Ha ha ha ha! A right leg..............

Stupid proverb of the day:
If you're in a room with a thousand very violent village idiots who tells you that eating ice cream with a spoon is crazy, they're a thousand times right.

Living in Bangsar

I usually do not like to tell people where I live because I can tell where the conversation is heading:

Idiot: So, where do you live?
Me: Erm, Bangsar.
Idiot: Really, ah? Bangsar full of rich people, you must be very rich lor! So, why you dun change car/house/handphone/etc.?
Me: No money ler.
Idiot: Haiya, dun bluff ler. Living in Bangsar sure rich, rich wun! Hey guys, this fella says he lives in Bangsar and has no money wor.

At this point I am quite pissed off.

So look, you fucking arseholes who have shit for brains. We have NO money, OK? How many times do I have to fucking knock that fact into your head?

Back when we bought the house, Bangsar was a God-forsaken area where no one would want to live. Most Salespeople literally had to beg the owners to buy the houses because in the 70's, the only place to live was either in Kuala Lumpur or Petaling Jaya. And Bangsar was really out of the question.

And it was by stroke of luck that most Foreigners chose to live here in the 80's which helped put Bangsar where it is today. But take a good look, you stupid shit, because not all residents in Bangsar are filthy rich to the point where they can renovate their houses every few years or buy new cars all the time.

And you want to know something? Our combined take-home pay is less than RM2500. I have no real fucking job every since I was convinced by my Brother-in-Law to resign and join him only to be kicked out after three weeks. And with my current job, I have to accept a salary way below of a technician and still have to put in long hours. Happy now?

Why do you think I seldom come out with you guys for expensive dinners and meals? Why do you think I cannot afford things you all fucking take for granted? Why do you think I have problem repairing my car ever since some mad wack-job mechanic raped it a year ago? Because we can't fucking afford them, that's why.

I only have a room in the house and within a few short years, I need more space which means buying a house which I can ill afford. And you fucking jerk-offs think we're rich.

Fuck you.

New Toyota Hilux

Well, this is what you're going to see tomorrow morning at the Showroom near Federal Highway. These guys are in a hurry to put them up.

This is the banner for the new Toyota Hilux

OK, one of the worker is securing the corner.....

Which hard work, so he decides to take a break.

Then he went to his other colleague to look at his SMS.
What were you thinking?

His other colleague climbs the ladder to the roof

Gosh! I am so careless. Luckily, all four of them did not see me taking pictures

All finished. The whole banner which introduces the new Toyota Hilux

Things are never that simple.

Ever faced this problem where you think some things are so simple, you can do it within the shortest time? And generally, that "shortest time" turned out to be hours.

Yep, today was one of those "shortest time".

Its was a very simple job, really. All I have to do was to upgrade customer's existing PBX to a newer model and also, to optimise their extensions. You see, they have a total of 32 incoming lines and 40 extensions. And because some Department have moved out, the remaining poor monkeys have to make to with a reduced total of 6 incoming lines and 22 extensions. So simple, right?

Wrong. Because there were actually two phone systems running in tandem and you guessed as much, the cabling are a mess. So, it took me more hours than necessary to trace all the cables and separate them from the redundant ones. And then the second problem was facing the, customers.

And they happen to be the Salespeople which bombarded me with a lot of complaints. No surprise there because when I examine the phones, they looked as if some child has vandalised them. If it was up to me, I would ben them from ever touching Toshiba again, the philistines!

Anyway, when the job was done, it was way into the evening, and I just remembered I have forgotten about lunch.

Oh well....

Friday Blues

And so, thus ends yet another week. With so many customers needing attention, I have to postpone my visit to the workshop. So, I have to endure another week of filling the radiator with more water every one and a hlaf days.

Kristine is getting more and more active, and she is quite verbal too.

Anyway, this really makes my day:

Stupid proverb of the day:
A Drunk is someone who drank too much drinks last night

The quiet before the Storm.....

You know, today was quite a nice day, collected my comics (3 weeks overdue and they still kept them), no customers calling me, no stupid requests, no traffic jams and even the parking experience was quite good. Back home, Kristine was well-behaved and I got to take more photos for my website (hopefully ready by this weekend). So, this means, trouble is brewing around the corner....... and once again, I won't know until it hits me in the face.

Whoo-hoo! More parking spaces at Centrepoint soon. Reminds me of some Sci-Fi hangar

Some stuff I picked from the comic shop

And I could not resist this. This was sitting in the shop for years (since their 1-Utama days) and the price went from RM69.90 to RM49.90 to RM9.90. Yeah, the sculpting was wacko but hey, its 2000AD

OK, got some stuff for my workshop appointment tomorrow (Hopefully he is free)
Its the air filter, oil filter and fuel filter.

And this is how I can afford all these for this month. Heh

Stupid proverb of the day:
There is no such thing as a free lunch because you have to buy the ingredients first

Getting a haircut

Well, its been more than 3 months since I had a haircut. My hair was so long, even the side-burns look more like amrpit hairs. This is because long hair (for me) will eat into the Gel, water and shampoo supply. I can save by leaving it long and not washing them for days. But then, I would be the reason why the whole neighbourhood is quarantined for a very long time. Either that, Scientists would be looking for me for new Lice species or mutations in my hair. So, I really really really have to pay a visit to the Hairdressers.

I can never undestand why they are called hairdressers since all they did was to wash your hair and make you look like a Mental Patient. But still, I loved mine. I mean who else would be locking their shop doors and hiding behind tinted glass?

Still a normal visit for me would be as follows:

1) Shampooing with massage
First, she would pour you a cup of Chinese Tea and puts in on the table, which is also a way of telling you where to sit so that you do not get whack by old aunties's handbags.

Once you are ready, she wets your hair with some fancy soap and water. Using her fingers, she would go through your hair so thoroughly that Lice would not even want to live there. At the same time, she would use her fingernails to gently massage the scalp and also parts of the head. This is the best part because by "scratching" my scalp from the front to the back, its very relaxing. This time, she is using a new shampoo/cream which made my whole head and shoulders (not the shampoo) feeling very cool indeed.

The feeling is like eating mint sweets and your tongue feels funny.

(Anyway, today she gave me an extra long massage since I did not visit them for 3 months)

2) Intermission
At this point, she will stop and remove all the soapy foam from your head by sweeping them from the sides of the head to the top with the palms of her hands. Suffice to say, this is the point where you wake up from your day-dreaming, only to see Ultraman staring back at you.

Oh, look! A fat Ultraman!

3) More Shampoo and Massage
Aaaaaahh, Life is good! Not only does she massage your head, she will also clean your ears a bit and also massage your neck and shoulders too. Either that or she has to complete some anger management exercise. Sometimes, I felt like a guenea pig because of the different massage techniques and shampoos used on me. Heh

4) Rinse
This is the part where she will rinse away all the shampoo and dead animals in the hair, dry them and get it ready for the slaugh.... er, cutting. Because of the new shampoo/cream I wanted to tell her to try with cold water instead of the usual warm water until I remembered what happens when you drink cold water immediately after the mint sweets. Heh

5) The Main Course
Her sister would then take over and start to cut your hair. Since I am a regular, she would just stick to the usual style, which is fine by me (since they all looked the same anyway). Once done, she will rinse away all the loose hair and also puts the sculpting gel to make sure it stays in that shape until I reach home.

All this for RM30. And I feel so stress-free after that..........................

Stupid proveb of the day:
"A coward has no gut feelings"

ISDN lines

Well, another day and I am back home eating a late lunch/dinner after leaving the customer's place at 11PM. I tell you, making sure all ISDN, DID and analogue lines ring (45 lines in total) at the correct extensions and re-diverting them is not funny at all.

This is what happened:
1) Customer is upgrading to a newer Phone system
2) They got a new ISDN line too
3) They want to maintain the 25 analogue lines until April and July, which 17 is used in the Phone System

This is not a problem until:
1) They need an Automated Attendant to annouce to their clients
2) Each extension must have a DID number
3) If they are busy, the call will automatically forward to another extension
4) Certain options in the Automated Attendant will connect their clients to Hong Kong
5) Their fax will be using ISDN lines too

And it got serious when:
1) They changed their minds on the operation
2) The forwarding goes to other departments
3) There is not enough slot for the Analogue lines since the System can only fit 8
4) In order to solve the above, we need to sacrifice a few extensions (ports)
5) In order to sacrifice the extensions, we need to relocate the existing ones to other slots
6) Then they changed their minds again
7) And again
8) And again
9) The decision is now at version 9.01A
10) Certain lines rings at different department and each can pick the calls with a button. Until we realise there were so many extension changes, we had to start from scratch.

Aiyoh. What a headache. But its done. So, on Wednesday, its time to test the system.

Update: 16.03.2005
They changed their minds again.
Then the test was a success
And they changed their minds again.

And I escaped with my Life by Lunch-time.

But on a bright side, I bumped into an old schoolmate while I was trying to look for food in a closed cafeteria.

The Fast and the Furious, on the cheap

Oh no! Hotweels have raised their toys by 10sen!!!!

Trust me. This is a mobile dog wash for dogs.

And yes, this car has a number plate of "6769"

Stupid proverb of the day:

You can fill a hungry man's stomach with food but you cannot fill a moron's brain with books

School Holiday starts.

Yep, today is the start of the (1 week) term School Holidays for Malaysian Schools. Why am I not so happy?

Because the stupid buses and parents did not gather at the appointed time at 7:30. This means no horns, no engine sounds, no schoolchildren screaming and worst of all, no moronic morning announcements. (The announcements are fun because it really distracts you especially when you have a very difficult time in the toilet)

In other words, I am late for work again. Haih.

The day after. As in after the Petronas F1 demonstration, that is.
This caused a lot of traffic incidents as there were no proper lanes nor lines for motorists. So, who's the vandal?

Further on, the road looks quite nice.
Unfortunately, everyone also loves to drive all over them and all over the road as well

A very interesting phone call........

This car has a weird hole in the bonnet. A modified engine perhaps?

Nah. It served no function now.

Interesting videos

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! This is so funny! I got this link from AutoWorld Forum and explored nearly the whole site. The first one was my favourite for that evening.

Saturday in Sungei Wang

Yes! My Paychecks got through this morning! So, after paying off the bills, debts and misc. costs, I have RM700, which will go towards car repair, petrol, toll and this leaves me RM100 for myself. Guess what I got with that?

Yes, a Master Grade Mobile Pod Ball.

Its very beautiful and I waited 2 months for it. Would I assemble it today?
Nah. I'll shove it in the shelf until I am really free (like when I retire). Ha ha ha ha
You can go to this site for more pictures

After rushing back home under all the crazy heat, I am too lazy to do anything else and YS Khong's workshop was understaffed today which means I cannot repair my car, because

1) Water pump, I have to top up water every 2 days
2) Gear Oil, The gears are getting a bit cranky. Ha ha
3) Engine Oil, yes, its past 10KM too
4) Oil and Fuel filter

And next month, I really have to have my car's timing belt changed too, budget or no budget.

This is my lunch: Porridge-in-a-Cup and a Yam Cake.
Once I finish the Yam cake, I'll drink the porridge like water. Ha ha ha ha

Weird SMS

This morning, while I was at a customer's premise, I got this SMS from another Celcom number:

Ratna a/l ********
3XRM300 Waran
1XMabuk(Cannot Settle)

From this SMS, its seems this poor Ratna guy can't get himself off the hook for "Mabuk" (which is Drunk in Malay) which, I presume, he was driving under the influence of alcohol. Then again, he as to pay RM1,500.00 in summonses. Ha ha

Bored in Menara CitiBank

After working frantically in that building up to 11PM last night, my mind was really shot. And then the doo-doo hits the fan this morning due to some unmentionable incidents. Anyway, for the rest of the day, it was disaster recovery and 90% was not our fault. Ok, I was bored as heck here as well.

A "special" spicy friend rice and 7-Up Ice, all for RM6.00 at 5th Floor because that is what's left that is humanly edible after 2PM.

Coming back to the toilet, this is what it looks like on the other side of the wall

There's a hooker in the toilet!!! Heh.

Here is this familiar chap, who walks around in his socks and gloves, as seen on TV.

Something's not right as he is a bit flat today. But still, isn't he friendly? You can trust him too

Until you realise he is an illegal as well............

Bored in Sungei Wang

There is one thing I can tell about the shops in Sungei Wang. They do not open until its way past after 11AM. Before that, its just quiet. Dead quiet.

Within an hour, all of a sudden, you can see a lot of activities as all the Ah Bengs and Ah Lians and innocent Tourists start to crawl out of the concrete blocks.........

OK, I was bored waiting for my customer to open since I came way to early.
Heh. But its not my fault since I have a schedule to keep

Some camera crew were waiting at a corner to prepare to shoot some stuff.....

"Hey! Its my medal and I own it!" Han Solo was sculpted to look more like a greedy, senile old man.

A very nice figure doing a flying stance. Not so nice if its real life and she is about to land on you

No, its not a steamy shot but the glass was full of finger prints by other busybodies.
Beauticians having classes too. That is new.

A shot taken from a lift. Yes, I was really bored

A very beautiful scene. Pity I can't get the shot on her face.