Saturday in Sungei Wang

Yes! My Paychecks got through this morning! So, after paying off the bills, debts and misc. costs, I have RM700, which will go towards car repair, petrol, toll and this leaves me RM100 for myself. Guess what I got with that?

Yes, a Master Grade Mobile Pod Ball.

Its very beautiful and I waited 2 months for it. Would I assemble it today?
Nah. I'll shove it in the shelf until I am really free (like when I retire). Ha ha ha ha
You can go to this site for more pictures

After rushing back home under all the crazy heat, I am too lazy to do anything else and YS Khong's workshop was understaffed today which means I cannot repair my car, because

1) Water pump, I have to top up water every 2 days
2) Gear Oil, The gears are getting a bit cranky. Ha ha
3) Engine Oil, yes, its past 10KM too
4) Oil and Fuel filter

And next month, I really have to have my car's timing belt changed too, budget or no budget.

This is my lunch: Porridge-in-a-Cup and a Yam Cake.
Once I finish the Yam cake, I'll drink the porridge like water. Ha ha ha ha

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