Letting out Gas

Remember this lighter? Well, try as I might, I have
used up only so much and the rest is still in the blue
container. Unfortunately, the lighter does not work
anymore. Oh yes, the sparking part still works but
there is no more fire. And so, just like Nexus said, I
have to let the gas out.

Kaelynn is curious about my antics. I shudder to think
if I actually use this R9.90 lighter only to realise its not
working after less than 50 sparks.

There is another theory that since I always carry it in
my pocket, the fluff might have clogged up the pipes
or something in there. But it could not be because I
can hear and smell the gas coming out when I release
it. Oh, nice spark, right? It got dimmer and dimmer
later on in the night. Still its ripe for my next project

The secret hideout

I had to park my car in one of these abandoned (but it was not) looking car parks today for about RM3.00. Normally, I would use the ramps instead of the stairs. But today, because there were so much cars, I had to park at the topmost level which has no roof. And so, feeling a bit lazy and not in the mood to be knocked down by cars, I took the stairs for the first time. And ....... wow.

Here we have someone living in the stairwells. I
think this is the main living room level. The floor
is quite clean.

In one corner, you have the wardrobe and clothes.
Note the personal air-conditioned on the bottom left.

Then on the other side, you have the entertainment
centre. Unfortunately, you can tell this person is not
a Playstation fan nor a Hi-Fi buff.

And just in case if there is any trouble, all the
person has to do is to slide down and hop into
the Batcycle........

On the upper levels, there I think this is the kitchen
which is most logical as the fumes from the cooking
needs somewhere to go. If its based on the bottom
floor, the upper floors would stink. Alas, from the
pieces on the floor, I think this person preferred to
eating out.

Nokia 5800 Firmware Upgrade V30.0.01

Something must be wrong with me. I stayed up the whole night, trying to log on to the Internet and download the firmware. And all the time, I was very afraid that any sudden Internet disconnection might brick the phone. (As in corrupted installation to the chipsets, turning the phone into one big paper weight)

But I needn't worry as the software would download first
and then install. This was the shot I wanted to show you
but missed it the first time when I was updating to V.25

And after it reboots itself, a quick #*0000# reveals
the new information. Nothing new here but I felt as
if the phone used slightly more power and some of
the icons were changed. Still, it hanged everyday.

But now, it turns itself off even more, as if it does
not want to live anymore, dreading everyday that it
would hang on almost every application and making
the owner feel stupid and lose confidence on Nokia.