BNC to VGA converter

[This is the latest post as I have finished all my belated posts ever since my Notebook was gone]

There is a problem here. Originally, the customer needs a TV for their DVR. Fine. A wall cabinet system has been built and space has been left for a TV. A TV. Then, halfway through the installation, came another DVR. Another DVR. And so, by the time it was completed, the customer realised that they will need two TVs on the shelves. Two TVs.

And so, I have been discussing with the customer and their purchaser about this. In the meantime, they have out a temporary TV on the shelf. So, the TV will display the images from one DVR while a LCD screen on the coubter outside will display images from the remaining DVR.

Fine. It was not until I came to their place yesterday did I realise the classic cock-ups. The TV was not purchased and instead, two small LG flatscreen LCD monitors were there. Two small LG flatscreen LCD monitors. And now, because of that, I had to get the two video to VGA converters for them. Its not funny because one, its after five in the evening and I an in the evening traffic jam trying to get to the supplier's place which closes in half an hour's time. Two, its raining which is dangerous for me since the car has no aircon anymore and the windows fogs up easily.

This is the VGA converter, selling for about
RM2xx.00. It can take analog video, S-Video
and even another VGA. But it uses a power
adaptor to do all these

Its so simple, you just look at the diagram underneath.
But there is a small instruction booklet if you're not so
sure. The booklet is for me to slap you with if you don't
read it and call me up in the middle of the night instead.

And so, the LCD monitor looked so small in a shelf
meant for a large TV. Large TV. And no one can
see the images even if they're sitting more than
six feet away.

And so, two converters means two wall
power adaptors, means more mess

This is the image seen from a video input
and converted. Looks very blurry.

This is a direct image from the VGA output
using a 20metre VGA cable. See the difference.

The Philishave cable

Dad wanted me to have a look at his shaver cord. Apparently, its falling to bits, which is strange since cables do not do that. This is the cable that charges his shaver while the other end is connected to the mains.

Looking at the cables, I am very very puzzled.
Normally, Philips products do not give us any
problems. Dad is worried that the cables will
come apart and cause some electrocution to
anyone who is not aware of the problem.

So, when I took a closer look, it seems the protective
sheath is crumbling. This is the same symptoms I've
experience with all my Casio watches where the resin
straps sort of crumbled away as if they're made from
plasticene. And its always just a few days after a year.
Touch wood, I hope my 4-year old Pro-Trek does not
do this as well.

As I was carrying it in my camera sling bag,
all the pieces fell in there. And its a chore to
pick them up as if you press them too hard,
they will break into smaller pieces, I guess.

[Update 08.11.2009]
Well, the good news is, I will not have to cut the cables and solder new ones (which is a waste) or get a replacement cable (since they might want to ask me for money). This was because I have tested the output of the charger as its only delivering 24volts DC. Not 240AC or 110AC. So, its practically safe.

Building my Notebook PSU part I

Belated post[04.11.2009 20:11]

I now have two choices in terms of getting a new power supply for my Notebook. I can either go to Low Yatt and get another Toshiba PSU or, make my own. And so, after thinking very hard and the risks involved, I decided to try making my own PSU.

Yes, I know its going to be a bit risky in the sense that anything or everything might go wrong. I know the original spec of the power supply and I have already repaired my second power supply (OK, wiring only) and with the latest one gone, I think I have nothing else to lose (except my Notebook). Although to me, carrying a PC PSU is cool, but its very cumbersome. Not only that, its 3 volts less than what is really needed.

And so, I started with a custom switch-mode
power supply, which costs me RM78.00 and
is delivered (I suspect) from Puchong.

But no, I am not going to stop there. I want to
make it look cool and so, I got a RM18.00 AC
Voltmeter which measures up to 450volts.

Maybe I can open it up and see if it can
be lighted as well........

Unfortunately, this PSU is too big to fit into my
bag without some customisation. And so, I will
have to rearrange the blue foam again when the
time comes. In the meantime, I am designing a
LED chaser circuit and also the right heatsink
for it. Oh, I think I am going to add some 40mm
lighted fans as well. Ha ha ha ha ha!

But I will not be building the PSU overnight since its going to take some time as I need to figure out a way to prevent fingers from touching the Live cable, put in a fuse and most importantly, available budget. So, this might be completed by end of November or December 2009.

The girl with the hairclip

Belated post[04.11.2009 08:23]

Yep, I think we need to trim her bangs as its
about to cover her eyes. Still, that's a very high
forehead, just like mine. But then again, people
say I am balding up there.

Where did all the water come from?

Belated post[03.11.2009 13:28]

I was at another customer today. They too had problems from the Lightning Strike last Friday. But because their lightning protection was excellent, their system was protected. However, the same cannot be said about the provider. When I arrived, their ISDN line was already up 10 minutes ago but their analog line was still on the blink. Anyway, halfway settling their problem, I opened their DB box and was shocked to discover water in there. Of course, I had to quickly show this to the customer. The last time both of us noticed the water was a few months back which affected the PC's keyboard and a table. But this time, this is much more serious than that.

The paper which was cellotaped to the cover was
dripping wet. It was so heavy with water that it
just tore itself from the cellophane tapes.

And on the cover itself, you can see the water
pooling in there. Seems like the water came
from the top, ran around the rubber grommet
and then dripped to the next metal box below

As you can see, the darkened area is where the water
affected the metal connectors. As most of them are
made from copper, electrolysis occurs and what is
left are the greenish stuff. Later on, the cables are
so badly rusted, would break of connection.

The yellow arrows point to
the water collected in the
tags. This means this has
happened for weeks.

Another view from the bottom.
Yep, worse to worse, all tags
will have to be changed. Ouch.

And so, after telling the customer,
they got a staff to take action.....

And as I was about to leave, I looked
up and made my own conclusions

Of Wireless mouse and Leather casing

Belated post[03.11.2009 11:08]

I had some packages delivered to me yesterday while I was out. There were supposed to be three items but I made a mistake of clocking too fast for a mouse. I should have clicked two items instead of one. Months of planning and saving lost. And because of that, I think I lost close to about RM4.00.

And so, as usual, Customs check my stuff in case
I am importing fluff, dirt or foreign air.

The Wireless Mouse.
I have been waiting for a long time for another Wireless mouse. Actually, it was intended for my Dad's new Lenovo (but by now, its quite old. Hey, I need time to save up, OK?) The reason why I chose to purchase from the Internet was because of the huge range of wireless mice offered over here. You can choose different colours, manufacturers, the soft or ribbed scroll wheel and even the shops to by from. But you could not chose the size of the transceiver, the optional side forward/backward buttons and the price.

And so, this is the mouse I got. The first to arrive
was the red version. The black one's for my Dad
but I'll let him choose when the time comes. You
even get to have the limited manufacturer edition
of the NACOON Super Alkaline battery.

Compared to my current yellow mouse, the red
version is much more superior with its ribbed
scrolling wheel, the soft buttons which saves
hundreds of joules of energy on your fingers.
And the smooth factory red which matches
your blood in case you accidentally cut your
hand removing the small transceiver underneath.

Now you see why I wanted one? This is because in
in a working environment, all it takes is just one
clumsy push and the USB port is gone.
Cheap if you have a PC but expensive and time
consuming if yours is a Notebook.

New Nokia 5800 Leather Case
OK, so now I have to eat my own words again. After the nasty screen crack incident, I now have resorted to using a case with a cover. Yes, I will be one of those fancy wancy people now. But it does have its practicality, which, I show you later on. On the Website, it was claimed to be real leather and so, not remembering the last time I used real leather (except my belt), I bought it for USD9.99. And after less than two weeks, it arrived on the same day as my first Wireless mouse.

Holding on to the envelope, I was surprised
it was very small. Maybe I was so used to
thinking my Nokia 5800 was huge.

And best of all, they also gave me a free screen
protector and a screen wipe. Try buying them
in Malaysia and you'll know what I mean.

Opening the casing, I was suprised to see how simple
it was. The black brackets were sold as protective
snap-on covers a few months back on the Internet.
Here, it is glued on to the leather. Ingenious! I should
have thought of that and do a DIY case. But then, I
do not have the skill to outrun a live cow.

There. Installed in just seconds! It has a very
nice feeling, making the phone feel as if its a
very expensive item indeed. But here, there's
a small problem. If you need to charge the
phone or plug in the headphones, you'd have
to open the flap. If I had seen the "Warehouse
13" much earlier and got hooked with the
Farnsworth device, I would have selected a
casing that opens up like a book. Oh well.

And so, I'll miss this belt pouch. Still, I will
keep it in a box when maybe, I might need
it later. This one costs me RM10.00. Ten
years ago, this would have cost me RM40.00.
Just like the Leather casing, both uses magnets
to secure the flaps instead of buttons. Why I
do not like buttons is because you'd be opening
the flaps everytime and sooner or later, the
catch will come off in a few weeks.

Unfortunately, I might have to make another
holder since the current one fits the phone's
wraparound casing. For the leather one, it is
a bit too big. So I'll have to wait until the we
have some renovation job as there is where
the scraps come it. Or maybe, I could look
for some myself..........

In the meantime, I guess it just have to lie on
the cavity next to the gears. Ironically, to be
exact, next to the gear lock which cracked the
screen in the first place.

How to use the Nokia 5800 Leather case
The Nokia 5800 has a handsfree function where you can shout at it and listen to its speaker if you are Bluetooth-challenged. And because of the strong magnets hidden within the leather casing, the handsfree can be used in almost all places.

You can use it on a car provided you have secured
the brakes or the car belongs to you. It is not a good
idea to use it on a taxi or a bus as they do not allow
passengers to hang out of their windows as decapitated
passengers do not pay money. And certainly not on
any moving high speed vehicles such as a submarine,
a rocket, bullet trains and even airplanes where
the user will not be covered by Insurance.

They can replace your casing but not your Life.

You can even use it on a fridge provided no one
swings the door open at more than 30Kmh.

A microwave is a good idea for Chefs who are
multi-tasking. But make sure its not turned on

At night where you need to chat and still hold your
drinks, this will give you a third hand in case the
radiation from the microwave above failed to
mutate your head.

But best of all, the girls loved it and luckily,
neither of them have figured out how to use
the flaps to slap each other in the face.

Going to Work.........

Belated post[03.11.2009 08:34]

Kaelynn was coming down the stairs carrying her bags when I asked her, "What are you doing?". She replied that she was like me, going to the office. Yeah, I was like that, carrying my sling camera bag, my Hardigg bag and now, the humongous PC PSU to temporarily replace my burnt Notebook power supply. This was how my kids see me each morning and evening.

When I was small, my Dad only used a small leather briefcase.......

Inside her bags are most of
her favourite things such as
her blanket, colour pencils,
and other odd and ends.

The Burnt Water Pump

Belated post[02.11.2009 17:45]

This is the controller for the water pump, which was
made non-functional by TNB. Since there are no
serviceable parts, I could not open it and try some
repairs. So, my Dad had to get a new one. The guys
who did them water pump was very fast and called
my dad until the pump was done. Kudos for that!

Shoes on the mat

Belated post[02.11.2009 17:36]

Coming back home early, I was surprised at all the shoes placed on the mat. I asked Kaelynn what it was all about ans she said, "I want them on the mat"

As for the actual reason, I have absolutely
no idea. They were suppposed to be on top
of the black shoe cabinet