A cheaper snip

Again, I love going to hair salons. I can find peace and quiet there. Really. When you enter one, if everyone is not so noisy, the cool air from the air-con and the silent whirr of some hair dryers will give you a sense of peace. When the girl comes and wash/massage your hair, you will feel at ease immediately. The cool water and shampoo mixture does wonders for your scalp. Sometimes, if you know them well, they will give you extra time washing your hair if there are no other customers waiting. And then, you will slowly fall asleep or about to. And when they start to cut your hair, it is heaven! The wonderful sounds of the scissors cutting your hair and the vibration it generates onto your skull really makes you float sleepily.

And there and then, if everything is right, you will either fall asleep, go into a trance or start to daydream. Any which way(apart from sleeping), I find that I get a lot of ideas coming from my head. Which is good because sometimes, its to do with designs and sometimes, its about solving an almost impossible problem.

Alas, this little luxury has ended. Years ago, I have no compulsion about getting my hair cut every month. Even when the prices went up from RM24 to about RM34. Then, after getting married, just to save some money, I get it cut every two months.

When the girls came out, I get it cut every three months.

But with the recent price hikes, trips to the hair salon is now a luxury.

So, while we were out shopping at the Pasar Malam, my wife pointed out one of those new haircut centres at the Bangsar Village. Its called "Cut and Go" if I am not mistaken. You just slot in RM15 (RM10 and a RM5 note) into a machine and wait for your turn. No shampoo, no scalp massage, no nothing. They just cut your hair to the style you want, vacuum your head and thats it. Simple. And I get to save more than RM15!

The owner of this concept is an absolute genius! The machine takes your cash so there is no money dispute with the staff. They vacuum your excess hair, so there is no need for extra plumbing to the salon and this save a lot on the water bill. And so, with minimal equipment, the space is just about 1/8 or less of a normal hair salon!

But for ladies who wants to perm their hair, colour them, etc., this is not the proper place. They just cut your hair and nothing else.

But one thing I can say is that now, with the new haircut, my usage of shampoo and hair gel has drastically reduced to just a fraction. I only need a few drop of hair gel now since there is literally nothing much to hold. Ha ha ha ha ha

My hair is so damn short now, its botak!
So, I have about another three months
before I got for another cut! Brilliant!

Happy Father's Day!

I would have never expected this since I am sometimes, do not think I am a father. But once the card came, it just dawned on me. . . . .

This is Kristine's card to me

Although its a simple design, the message is profound

Kristine's new toy

Kristine has been bugging us to get her a violin. I am not sure where she got the idea from but as a Dad, I have to consider her request. First of all, I could get he a toy violin from some Pasar Malam which would fit into her profile as a 5-minute toy killer. But, then again, what if she is really interested in playing the violin and also, could be a prodigy at it? Nah. So, we went to Toys 'R Us (Mid-Valley) to get her one.

When we were there, there was no violin in sight except for those electronic toy versions which when I tried it, only plays a song when you drag the bow across. So, we decided on the next best thing. A keyboard. Not only does it allow you to play with different musical instruments, it also has a memory bank of a few of her favourite songs in it. And so, being RM69.90 poorer, Kristine forgot all about the violin......

Still, the anticipation of dreaded plinky plonks to our ears the whole day did not arrive. Which is a good thing. She can make some of her own music and it was bearable. Imagine if she asked for a drum instead.....

She is happy but unfortunately, the batteries ran out after 24hours