Cat Shit One

This is the problem with me. I was passing through an anime shop and they were showing this on the screen. It looked very exciting and nice. So, without checking further about it, I grabbed the case and paid for it,

Its a story about two soldiers (Packy and Botasky) who were tasked to rescue some hostages in Iran and due to some unforseen circumstances, one had to stay behind to buy more time. Its a very intriguing story and because they chose to use rabbits and other animals, the horror has been muted down to a notch. I mean, Commando Bunnies, how harmless is that?

The origin of this is from Apocalypse Meow manga in the late 90's. And now, this is the first installment of the CGI of the twelve planned...

And it is absolutely crap. 22 minutes of
bliss and the show had to end. Basket.

I want more of this SHIT!

The Gun belt

I found these at Shiok Toys's bargain bin, and I could not resist since I do not have a Western set. Well, OK, they just looked nice sitting there, hiding in the deep corner of the corrugated cardboard box

This is what you get for RM10.00; a gun and its
holster belt. And its only for a figure with a
certain waistline.

There is a reason why I said that because the whole
belt is one single piece of &*@# vinyl. So, you there
is no individual bullets or adjustable belt lengths. I
was also afraid of moving the holster since it is
very tight on the belt.

And the gun is quite nice, although I was hoping it
would be slightly longer and in the shade of black.

Then at the same time, the girls
told me that one of our neighbours
gave them some Barbie Dolls.

So, while they're busy doing their homework...

Yeah! Gunslinger Barbie! That is, if the belt does
not keep slipping off...