1/72 WWII Pilot Figure Set

Just got a set of those 1/72 Pilot figures for whatever reasons you think is valid. This is one of those 'stock-up' buying spree which, to me, does not need any explanation save for the fact that I was desperate for some 1/72 figures which, do not look like any ground infantry. Of course I can go to eBay, the infamous eBay, that eBay... but then, not only would it costs me three times more, I would not be supporting my LHS (Local Hobby Shop)

And so, here it is, the big wonderful box, with colourful pictures of all the WWII pilots

The funny part is that the box is big but the contents were...
Anyway, you get six figures. But Hasegawa has generously included another identical set in case you wanted to make twin pilots

So, rule of thumb is, 1/35 is about two finger ridges tall while 1/72 is 3/4 single finger ridge.

Wrong number! Wrong number!

I've forgotten the actual time and date. Saved this in the draft section where Blogger conveniently 'forgot' the info.

Phone rang

Caller: Hello, can I speak to Ms. Yati?
Me: I'm sorry, she is no longer here. And this is a wrong number.
Caller: Can I speak to Ms. Hui?
Me: She's no longer here too. And this is a wrong number.
Caller: Is this HELP College?
Me: Er... erm... yes, this was HELP College a hundred years ago, now its a house and this is you calling a wrong number.

Caller: Huh? ...... Ok, ok. Thanks.
Me: .....

(So tempted to shout 'GOTCHA!' instead)

The things I get from eBay

They just arrived today and I am quite happy as I thought they would come in May. There is a reason why I need these two items now since its not easy to get them here.

1. The 1/150 scale figures
Actually, they can be bought locally but for the price of RM10.00, you get just a bit. So, for a few more ringgit, I get 100 figures instead, but with the same quality . These will be used for Revell's 1/144 u-2540 Cutaway Submarine. But of course, knowing that this is too good to be true (the price), I suspect it could be recasted from some other model kits...

2. The 100 White OSRAM TopLEDs
Ha. This is a sure winner. I have checked the OSRAM website and it costs about USD2.00 per LED and you have to contact their local distributors. So, one click of the mouse, I get 100 for less than 65 sen each. How about that?

Company Re-activation

Somewhere in May, 2012

I am going to 're-activate' my registered company. It went dormant after I went into my two last jobs. Yeah, I should have paid more attention to it. Goodness knows how much fine i am going to get...

Anyway, just set up a gmail email account for it today.

[Update: August 2012]
OK. I am not going to reactivate it after speaking to a very experienced person now am I going to start a new company now despite my itchy fingers wanting to do so. Because I am not so certain on this path I am taking.

Yeah, might as well start looking for a job and stop this electronic lighting for model kit nonsense.

Marcus ont he rebound

i love you youare my angle. She smiles. Don't be foold, its holiday and there are no one lse to call as he only has your nyumber
09052012 1843

Kristine had some time off today and so, decided to paint her other 'pain by numbers' canvas which we got for her when we were in VIVA some time ago. See that maniacal grin?
That's because the canvas was for the both of them to share and she, well, 'owned' it all.

Man, the way she is concentrating, looks more like some old Aunty

Its just a painting but looking at her all the time, its as if she's painting very fine details. I am not sure what happened to the canvas after this because I myself am curious to see the results.

2020 Draw

08052012 1615
We need to go back to that place, the 2020 Furniture thingy as we had submitted our names for some lucky draw. And so, it was back to Puchong again.
The girls were eager to be at that plane. Not.

Panoramic shot of the area

Apart from the attraction of the first prize, food also helps draw in the crowd.

And some actually well, nothing much to say la...

Thanks to the DJ's professionalism, the crowd was quite enegized
No, we did not win the first prize. And if we did, I would not even tell you what it was in case thieves read my blog and come after me.

Help me choose

While testing the new 'sound' for Vee-Chai, I asked Kaelynn which buzzer sounds better; the alarm horn type (sounds like Wira alarm) or the buzzer type.

Me: Girl, which sound is better?
Kaelynn: I cannot choose
Me: Why?
Kaelynn: Because this is your car, so I cannot choose for you
Me: .....