A weekend at Westin

My work is taking its toll and as a result, wife is not happy. For the last few days, or exactly, nearly a week, I have been coming back home late again (like before) as we'd finish our work near midnight and sometimes, one in the morning. Added with the stress of taking care of the two girls, work from school, etc. my wife was not very happy at all.

Luckily for us, one her brother has a free one night stay at a Hotel and we decided to take it for some slight R&R. The Hotel was Westin and we're supposed to be there at three in the afternoon but because I was so wrapped up with work, I totally forgot about it. Until a very "nice" reminder SMS from wifey la.

And not only that, my Boss got me an assistant. Yeah, I have been working too much that a lot of projects have been piling up on my desk for months. The plan is simple, my assistant would be trained up to take over my post while I concentrate only on projects.

Anyway, staying at Westin was a nice experience because it was the first time for us, as a family, spending some time in a Hotel. And with the beautiful window view overlooking the Pavillon, it was a nice feeling. We did finally get the chance to walk around the Pavillon and have dinner there. On the next day, before we set home, my Wife agreed to go to Sungei Wang, which is another first for the family. We have not been there for almost one and a half years. But for the two girls, it was exciting because there were a lot of things to see.

The first thing the girls did was to remove their shoes
by themselves since it was carpeted.

Then it was time to explore the new place....

First, it was the stationery....

And luckily, no furniture were defaced. Phew

Then it was running and falling about the room

Before they settled on the switches, phones and the radio

During dinner time, it was the usual antics with Kristine
examining the dustbin and Kaelynn running on the seats

And since the place was almost empty, Kristine used
it to her advantage, screaming and shouting in there.

Kaelynn with her KFC Chicken rice's drumstick and soup

And Kristine's response to the F&N Strawberry

At the Food Republic, I wanted to try King of Pies
but since we ate at KFC, I did not get the chance

Kristine running about outside the Supermarket
while Mommy was inside buying some drinks for
tomorrow since no free breakfast was given

Back at the Hotel, it was time for their bath and they
really enjoyed it. Kristine filled the bathtub with a lot of
water and made it into her own personal swimming pool

The morning after where cleaners dreaded such scene....

While the girls were occupied
with the TV and eating their
breakfast, we did some quick
clean up of the room

And while we were cleaning the carpet, Kaelynn showed
her unique way of eating her bread without cutlery

And then, Mommy was splattered with Kaelynn's vomit,
(it was full of milk)

And so, we took both of them for another round of bath

Unfortunately, we also found out how the Coco Crunch
finished so fast as Kaelynn was throwing them into the
soapy bath while Kristine was eating them up

Hours later, it was time to go home

Since it was an executive suite or something, there were a
lot of sweet stuff as well. But notice the top left corner.......
Is this the way to encourage tired executives?

I was to tempted to jump through the hoop

Nice buffet setting

And just on top, this was very difficult to take
without any tripod and also with the kids here

On the way, we stopped by Sungei Wang

And had lunch at Esquire Kitchen

Kristine gnawing at the pork rib

After that, it was time for me to continue my work. By three
in the afternoon, I was already back at the site, working.
Saw one stall selling deed-fried stuffed tou fu
(Cabbage, carrots, etc). When mixed with the lekor
type of chilli, wah, dem stim la

The customer plonked not one but two containers
Trouble is, which container should we lay cables to?

This is my new assistant. For the next few months, I
would need to train him up to the best of my ability
and hope he does not run away from all the hard work