OMG! She Stands!

Just for about more than half a minute, Kristine maneaged to stand on her own two feet after propping herself up with the container box. And she was so busy eating the Sweet Potato Keropok, she was unaware of our excitement.

She was resting her hands on the container box....

Then, she forgot about the fact she does not know how to stand

Too engrossed with the Keropok

Ha ha ha ha ha

I don't know what's all the excitement about

My Fantasy Project - The PADD Update 30.12.05

Once the euphoria of finding and buying the Lithium Polymer battery dies down and rality sinks in, I think I need to redesign the PADD. After a long conversation Kenny, who is a friend of mine, his idea of using a Mobile Phone battery to power the PADD is was good idea. And what's more, everyone has a Mobile Phone anyway. So, its just a case of getting an extra Lithium battery for your phone, charge it and then plonk it into the PADD. That is, until I told him I am going to seal the PADD (ha ha) and this creates more problems. Moreover, no one is going to go out and buy a slim battery and the charger for it.