Income Tax Weekend

By the end of this Month, there will be two events every Malaysians will never forget:

1) DIY Income Tax Form submission
2) Another 3-Day weekend (since Labour Day falls on Sunday)

This year would be the first time where all of us would have the privilege to mess up our own tax forms by ourselves. Which, in other words, if you screw it up, its your fault and not the Government anymore. Luckily, with the (forceful) urging of my Wife, we submitted the forms last Friday itself. This is another Malaysian trait where we love to do things in the last minute. There were quite a crowd there and the process is very simple. You just hand in the original and the photocopy of the forms where the counter clerk would scowl at your neat handwriting and stamp them before giving you back the photocopy version.

And we immediately felt as if a heavy burden has been lifted from our shoulders, so we can enjoy our another 3-Day weekend. Hee hee hee hee.

The free helpful guide books on how to mess up your tax forms, all in the glorious language of Bahasa Malaysia. They were handing out these guide books at Ikano on Sunday, which was too late for us