Going back home

Today is Friday and its the last day for us. We still have to stop in Kuantan before going home. But after that, I can get a good rest.

Anyway, this time we used the Coastal Road instead. By the time we arrive in Kuantan, we have calculated that the coastal rout is about 6 hours or so compared to the 7 hours via the "new Highway". But taking into consideration the time we stopped to look at the map, driving in the rain also for late dinner, we figured that there is no difference between these two routes. Except that the inner route is dangerously lonely.

Friday. Everyone is closed

Bye-bye, Terengganu

Testing the EL

OK, I am still awake in the Hotel in Kota Bahru. And I brought the Elecroluminescents (The ones I bought in Pasar Road) with me. After a quick soldering, they are ready for testing. Both strings lights up nicely but there is a problem with the single inverter.

If you connect the other EL while the first one is on, it will dim noticeably. But this will not be a problem as I will light up both at once. The seller does not have an inverter that has multiple outputs. Even if he has, I suspect its all soldered together inside.

Nice or not? Remember, it glows and don't expect it to
give out light like a bright fluorescent. And there is no
brightness control from the inverted

Oh, ignore the rest of the electronics components as I
was trying to connect the two EL strings on the board.
The inverter is not shown int picture and rest of the
compenents are NOT parts to make the EL glows