The Horridays

You know, I have a problem with Holidays and Annual Leaves. While I was working, I would plan what I would do when there is a holiday. But when the time comes, all I could ever achieve was to sleep for hours or stare at the computer screen.

In my Ex-company, with my years of working there, I have problem clearing my allocated 22 days of annual leave, usually forfeiting 2/3 of them as they cannot be brought forward.

But tis time, its different. Most of the time was spent on keeping an eye on Kristine........

Kristine trying to become a model.......

We bought this toy for her so she can learn about shapes which she can put in
by recognising the correct slots.
But all she did was put them through the other end (shortcut)

And how do I manged to go through all this?
Yes, thanks to Uncle Ho and also this is a good time for me to catch up on
all the DVDs I collected throughout the year
But I took me an average of two hours to watch a one hour show