Broken already

This is the second time I have experience broken toys. The first time was many tears ago when I found back the Captain Powers action figure. The golden plastic on his hands were so brittle, it literally snapped of when you touched it. There and then, I realised that Malaysian climate is not so friendly to toys, especially when you want to keep them for years. Maybe its the plastic used or maybe its not climatised. But whatever it was, I have decided not to keep anymore toys if I can help it....

The latest casualty was this Rock Man. His waist was
snapped. At first I thought it was the girls who did it

But later, as i moved the knee, it just broke too.

Man, this sucks not because it costs me RM5.00 but it brought back the nightmares of broken toys. Sill, there is nothing much I can do with this toy since his head is not proportionately sized. But i am starting to worry about those small Iron Man and Star Wars ones...

The crack

Few days later, the crack is all repaired and starting
to literally 'blend' in but not enough. This is the real
size of the crack. What you saw earlier on was the
air bubble trapped in the player beneath.

Perodua's Infinite Concept

Once again, I was at Perodua's Office and man, I have never seen an a more beautiful Alza. This is the design which looks quite 'comfortable' (I have no other words to describe this). but if this came out during the launch last year, I would have booked it there and then.

This is the only Alza with a darkened transparent roof.

And looking at the sides of the car, it is already very nice.

Not sure if this is the original headlight but its nice too

Even the steering wheel design looks quite good but
I am not sure about the Start/Stop button even its
there for Ferraris (I think). I mean, imagine turning
the wheel and accidentally press on the button when
you only wanted to increase the volume or something.

I am not bothered about the seat but look at the middle
console. There is a armrest instead of a seat for the
third person like the original Alza. By this time, a lot of
other people have gathered around and there was no
chance for me to take more shots of the car as the rear
and the boot was very very nice.
So, yeah, I want one. Even if its just for the looks.