Telling the Teacher

Kaelynn: If you don't stop this, I will tell Teacher Shanti
Kristine: Go la,
Kaelynn: Then, I will tell her on Tuesday.

This is a short conversation where Kristine as her usual self, caused problems for Kaelynn which then fought back. I like this because, now, (apart from physical retributions) Kaelynn knows when to stand on her ground. And not only that, I think she knows why it has to be a Tuesday since there is no school on Monday which is a Federal Territory Day.

That LED strip IV

Basket. Today (or was it yesterday?) is Saturday and although I had the time, I could not go to Pasar Road for some components for that LED strip since Wife and my parents had plans for weekend shopping. I hate it when it happens when I am missing some components. I do not want to strip it off the prototype board as I need to use it as reference. If only my Salary comes out faster, hopefully by next week too.....

So, what do I do at home? Yeah, translating the circuit
because I lost the notes. And watched some Star Trek
DVDs as well (OK, so I need to know their lights timing

Finally, when everyone's sleeping, I got the circuit
done. Which is not easy as I have diarrhea as well

Simple or not? Yeah, I have to go on Monday since
that particular shop is not open on Sunday. And I
need to stock up more on those stripboards which
you can see on the bottom right. This version has
solder mas on it so when you solder, the melted
solder do not go all over the tracks. I hate using
stripboards but they are a fast and simple solution
for those emergency and last minute circuits.

OK, time to sleep. Its four twenty in the morning. Haiyo.