Its the time to be Fast

Come tomorrow, and for the next thirty days or so, a lot of people in Malaysia would be very happy. Yes, its time for our Muslim friends to start their fasting before celebrating Hari Raya in November. So, how many happy people are there?

01) Muslims gets the chance to Fast
02) Everyone gets to open their Hari Raya stalls with lots of foody goodies
03) Everyone else gets to buy all these goodies
04) I get to drive in an almost no-jam road to office in the morning
05) And after seven in the evening, the road is clear again
06) Indians will have their Deepavali a day before Hari Raya

All the goodies from Noel for our Muslim Customers

This one costs RM300 and here is an elbow (right) for size comparison

KFC X-Meal

I was in Temerloh last Friday and while my guy did his obligations, I went for lunch. Since I can't find a Macdonalds, I had to settle for the first fast food outlet that I came across.

Maybe its paranoia, but if I ever do land myself in an unknown place, and if I do get hungry (once in a while), I would prefer a familiar fast food outlet instead of the local eateries, unless I have a friend who knows (or pretends to) about the place. This is so that I do not get any stomach complications while travelling/trying not to look lost.

So, I came across the "latest" wacky menu from KFC, which is the X Meal. For RM6.90 (excl. tax) you'd get a choice of beverage, either a Hot & Spicy or an Original piece of chicken, mashed potatoe (is great with Thai Chili sauce) and the "big" O.R. Burger.

If this was introduced years ago, it would be a hit. Nowadays, its a ho-hum normal choice.

RM6.90 for a piece of Hot & Spicy, Mashed Potato, O.R. Burger and a drink

After paying for the toll, this was all I had