Stuff from the last Millenium

So, we dug more stuff out while packing and these are the stuff I remembered. It really makes me feel (old and) nostalgic as they really remind me of my childhood days. Part of me wanted to go back in time and relive all these. But the other part prefers the present.

The 5 1/4 inch diskette which holds 720kB at that time. But I
did not realised we had the game Lemmings on the PC, as I
only had them on my Amiga

So, this is how my workspace looked like now

Hee hee hee. My Dad bought this for us when we're quite young
and I think its from somehwere overseas, maybe. You cycle it
around and there is a click-clack sound. The faster you go, the
cooler the sound. But that time, it was suited more for my
younger brother

This is a rattan seat, which is quite cool in the 70's. My Dad had it
hooked to the ceiling and you just put a pillow there and sit until
you fall asleep or feel bored. But all I can remember was that I
took at and turned it into a rocking boat instead. Ha ha ha ha

Insect mud-huts

I don't know which type of insect this is but its very common. However, when I was clearing some stuff, I came across this unusual version. Usually, you can see them in a single housing or most to most, in a pair.

And this fragile little piece is huge, at about 4-5 cm.

A visit to the Doctor

Today, the two little, girls were on a very good mood. But that will change when we bring them to see Dr. Lim for their shots. Bwahahahahahaha!

While Mommy was freshening up, Kristine and Kaelynn shared some
playtime together.

Kristine made sure Kaelynn would wet herself on Dr. Lim's lap

This is Kaelynn's first time on a jumper suit
(also my first time dressing her in it. I thought it was a long T-shirt, OK?)

After receiving her shots (badly), I took her to 7-11 to calm
her down but she took two Apollo biscuits instead

And by the time we came back to Mommy, her sugar level
was increasing

So, we stopped her from eating the second Apollo biscuit

But we forgot about the sugar in the Kickapoo........

Kristine created havoc in the waiting room, especially after
snatching the newspaper I was reading

Kaelynn took two injections but did not cry. She smiled at
Dr. Lim instead. Then its off to Starbucks for a late lunch

Yes, her sugar level is still high

For those who are experienced, you WILL know this facial
expression well by now

2 Kids + 3 injections + Dr.'s fees = OMFG! + VISA - SE W710i (I wanted to buy)

It was good that Kristine decided to sleep it off on the
way back. (after we changed her nappy in the car in
full view of the student nurses)


There will come a time when your own children would ask you for money. Just like when you asked your own parents for money. Trust me, its a hereditary thing.

Anyway, after we got some saving boxes for both Kristine and Kaelynn, and Kristine loves money. Not because of its value (thank God) but because of the ker-plunk sound when the coin drops into the box. So, everytime it goes into the slot, Kristine would make the sound, "te-koong".

Unfortunately, this action, a novelty for Kristine, is getting too expensive for me. And we're supposed to try to teach them to save money (that came out from my pockets, alas)

This is Krsitine's coin box

Here is 10 sen for you. te-koong

Here is 20 sen for you. te-koong
"Daddy! Oi Money!" (Daddy, Want money!)

Here are more coins for you. te-koong
"Daddy! Oi Money!"

Here is a 50 sen for you. te-koong
"Daddy! Oi Money!"

Here is another 50 sen for you. te-koong
"Daddy! Oi Money!"

What? You want more money, ah? I have given you Rm 2.00 already

You cannot use the computer and hack into the bank, Dear.
It won't give you any money either

Unfortunately, I keep hearing "Daddy! Oi Money!" for the rest of the night, which I should never hear it until she is at least 18.

Section 14's IT Mall & Miniature Hobby

I am on leave today, until next year (Ha ha ha ha) but because of customer commitments, I had to be present. So, after going there to help locate a cabling problem and also the ISDN's installation schedule, I was free to go home. But not until I dropped by Section 14, PJ.

Section 14 was a very nice place and easy to go to. My old company was located in Section 13, where both sections were separated by the main road. Anyway, the reason why I wanted to drop by there was not only because there was an IT Mall but because of Miniature Hobby. A place for plastic models which I used to frequent since the mid-90's.

So, this is one of the contributing factors to the cabling problem
We will have to make sure (and pray) the cable is still alright
before commencing a new conduit

Remember this car? It was on this year's Auto show
which I did not attend. It was one of the dream designs
I so wanted to get. But now, it sits there in the corner
because some idiot wrecked it.

This is the view of the parking lot next to the IT Mall

And after so many years, the metal grates are still missing
But things did change. You now pay MR1.50 per hour for
parking there instead of the usual RM1.05 per hour.

Currently, Miniature Hobby is located above Sushi King,
on the First floor. Just like it did in the mid-90's at
Jln Bukit Bintang above 7-11 before shifting
to 1-Utama and then on to Mid-Valley.

And its having a X'Mas sale

So, you have a few days left for those great

I wanted to take a nice shot of the shop but this guy just
came running around the corner to getmore of the
China-made Evangelion kits. The China-made kits
and toys can be seen in the background

I have absolutely no idea how they got this giant Gundam
model in. But if it was one of my favourite designs, I would
have no hesitation in coming back here at night to *ahem*
obtain it.

This is another view of the shop. And its quite well
stocked unless you're looking for something that is
available there.

This is the IT place. I forgot what its called but lets
just call it IT Mall for the moment. This is PJ's
answer to Low Yatt plaza and Mid-Valley's IT Floor
Metrojaya used to occupy the lot for years.
Good Riddance

There are a lot of things to see there and All IT is located
at the top floor of the building.

On the way back, I noticed a new place

My treasure for the day's outing?
A USB Cable for my card reader (which does not
work and now I have to buy a new one), a DVD on
an anime called "Robot Carnival" and the copycat
vinyl 3-inch Evangelion toys.

I wanted this for years since I could never buy them
in time, off from any shops. But thanks to copycats,
I am glad to pay Rm29.90 (with 30% off) for a set
of four (The other half are in the wrong colours)

Dumping, dumping, 1, 2, 3........

The termites have struck us quite hard this time. For the whole week, the guys had to come again and this time, they have spread to the cupboards. And in the storage room, we have traced a new termite trail but they have seemed to stopped halfway which meant the earlier dosage of the termite spray was effective. Our plan was to use the kind of chemicals which infects the termite back to the nest. If we were to kill them there and then, the whole colony would have moved to another spot and start again.

But still, a lof of stuff were affected. So, we're going to throw a lot of things away. Not only that we're taking the opportunity to "lighten" our belongings too. Brings back a lot of memories too. things that I have played since my childhood were either eaten by the termites or became unuseable after the rain last night (as we were clearing the stuff late into the night when it rained)

There were a lot of Playstation games in there that's going
to the junkpile. Shows how lonely I was before I got married
Ha ha ha ha ha

Oooh. Ye olde '286 PC. When I have the time, I am going
to desolder all the components, and then use the circuit
board as some kind of lamp

Since we're all so busy with the clearing, dinner is the
usual, pick and eat KFC. But no cats or dogs or squirrels
are going to get them tonight.

Kristine at 1-Utama

On Chrsitmas day, we thought that everyone is out celebrating Christmas, Mid-Valley would be free. How wrong we were. By the time we got on to the road, it was jammed up. So, we detoured to 1-Utama, which we had not had the chance to go for more than half a year (or more). And it almost the same situation there as well. So, I had to park the car far away.

Maybe because it was Jusco's sale that attracted the crowd and I met two of my friends there too. At least, we have solved Kristine's New Year clothes problem.

Since we did not have lunch, we stopped by (outside) Giant. We eventually settled for Uncle Chin's Chicken rice since the "Penang" did not have the fried rice/noodle/assam laksa we wanted. And the weird thing is, the baby powder for Kaelynn can only be bought outside Giant's Cigarette Store. Yeah, the tins inside there were samples. I guess this is because Giant does not have those fancy wancy security tags to seal the tins like Carrefour and Tesco, so, they resorted to push all this to a bored auntie at the counter. Unfortunately, the milk we wanted was "out of stock". Dammit

By the time it was time for us to go, we found out that most of the cars parked at the roadside were given the opportunity to help the Police's pockets.

This is one of the dangers we faced when going
to any store. Kristine now knows where the toy
department is, and we have problems trying to
steer her away from the plush toys

Somewhere in the middle court, there was a
dancing show where dancers came out from
Mickey's arse

At Uncle Chin's, water was the main priority for Krsitine

And the more she ate, the more she drank

After Mommy's mineral water, my Iced Lemon Tea was next

Kristine soon discovered that the Iced Lemon Tea is very cold

And soon, she realised how a Lemon tasted

The reason to all her drinking? MSG la

And wherever we go, we used up a lot of both wet & dry tissue