Two packages in one day

I am over the moon today because I got one package in the morning and for an encore, another in the afternoon! Woo hoo!

The first package was impressive. I say it's impressive
because I already know what is
inside it.

Here is a clue for you. I needed to order from them
because I could not get this particular chip from
my usual Pasar Road store

And no, it is not a Laser Printer toner cartridge

What it is, was 20 units of a particular Surface mount
chip which I am doing for Bruce's Top

Its the same size as the other chip but it has more I/O
ports and also, it does not need an external crystal.
And the funny thing was, its cheaper too.

The second package came in the afternoon and nearly
made me very angry. This was because of the Ah Soh
who is the company's reporter. She picked it up and
admired the beautiful stamps. As soon as she saw my
name, she slammed onto the table. She was unlucky
because there were some witnesses. So, when it was
relayed to me, I pretended to want to speak to the
Management because someone slammed my letter
and the thing inside it broke, which costs me RM500.
Boy was she scared for the rest of the day.

Anyway, its the smallest 8Gb thumbdrive which
was not available in Malaysia. It costs slightly
more than the usual 8Gb sold here, though

But its doing what it was supposed to do and also,
it does not protrude more than 5mm. Which is what
I needed for Bengmobile II