Training Part 2

Today is Tuesday and its the second and final day for THE training. After getting Jimmy out of the Hotel, we started our training early. Oh, by mid-morning, we had breakfast where he could not finish his first murtabak. Ha ha ha ha. (OK, neither could all of us as it was so huge, even ten babies could not finish it in one sitting). Anyway, it was a fun day because while we're busy in the technical room, my Boss was giving excuses to our customers on why none of us could come over and service them for the two days.

Jimmy showing the new revolutionary doorphone which
does not require any extra controlling circuits to open a
door or a gate. And I also recorded its sound so I can use
it as a ringtone for my Nokia 5800.

Finally, the last bit of the training, where Jimmy here is
showing us the long computer card for recording telephone
conversations. But there is a problem, yes sirree..........

The PC brought over by the other company is not working.
And so we used ours, which we found out, was not working
too. So, replaced the power supply, then the RAM but nada

And so, we found another PC which was working 100%
but alas, it was running on Windows 98. And so, after
much thinking, we all concurred that the best action
for the moment would be to take our lunch. But sadly,
Jimmy does not like the idea of eating rice with durian

Without any working PCs, we continued the training
with a simulated software installation. Here, Jimmy
is simulating the process of building arm muscles
using the (now) useless PCI card.