Making dinner

As everyone has gone South, we're the only ones left in the house. Its nice to eat out but not all the time as money is tight. Not to mention the various amount of MSG and horrors that happens in the kitchen. So, Wife cooked and I helped her. As a reward, she taught me how to make a nice sauce......

Yes, I can deep fry wedges among other things

While waiting, we gave Kaelynn some corn. Lately,
their diets have gone wacko with the girls not
eating at the right time and the correct food.

This is the sauce I was taught. But since we did
not add the chilies (forgot, ma), I cannot call it
chili sauce.

And yes, this is the secret ingredient
for the sauce... Well, its not a secret now

Happy Birthday, Kristine!

Today is Kristine's Birthday and everyone is happy about it. I am happy too because today is a Public Holiday as well. Still, it was a nice day because one of their Favourite Aunt was briefly there too for the celebrations. And so, the little girl is growing up. Fast.

The girls's favourite Aunt was
there to celebrate, all the way
from Singapore.

After much counting and fiddling,
the five candles are finally on the
cake. This time, she's not afraid
of the fire and can blow candles

Except for the one on the left, the rest
were her presents. We promised not
to give any to her since she wanted hers
during Kaelynn's months ago. But then,
everyone forgot about that except me.
Yeah, I'm the only one who did not buy...

With all the attention given to Kristine,
Kaelynn was bored and lonely.

Again, I insisted Kaelynn to help Kristine
blow the candles since Kristine blew hers
on her birthday months ago.

We let Kristine cut some cake too

And while everyone was fussing over her,
again, Kaelynn was left out. Poor girl.

Finally, Kristine gave a slice to Kaelynn...

The girls opening their presents. Kealynn's was
about playing house while Kristine's was about
cooking. Oh, we also got Kaelynn a schoolbag for
her first time in school next year.

Favourite Aunt was there too
to help Kristine "cook"

And Granpa was there to console Kaelynn after
her house was repossessed by Krsitine.