Viper's Deep Space Nine

This model came into my hands today, after viper from SFTPMS delivered it to me in my office. It was on sale months ago and I told him, if it remains unsold by April, I would be very interested. And so, as luck would have it, its mine!

This would be my second DS9 model, as the first one remains missing or in pieces. But this one is special.....

For RM160, the model is still in its wrappings,
which is a very good thing indeed.

And these are the things included inside the
box. At one time, AMT packed these all into
the model, which is a good deal. Some even
came with lights and sound.

And as s bonus, it even has a NCC-1701A poster

Modifying an Iron Man II Arc Reactor toy Part 2

And so, on the next night, I started to put my plan into action for Peter's mod. His request is to have the Arc Reactor's lights come on at will and not needing to press the front cover every few seconds. And so, after the he left last night, the idea came to me while I was in bed.

The thing is, to have that feature, all possible solutions are not feasible except for one, which is to use a micro-switch. And so, by midnight, I got it done, hours after Peter left his toy with me. Its not easy because I was doing this sleepy-eyed. Heh.

Just took a sneak with this machine
at the office. Not too heavy nor light.

And so, with the micro-switch in place, all Peter
has to do is to twist the arc left or right. No need
to fumble with hidden switches nor wires.

You have to go to my Website, to read more in detail