The workhorses of Cameron

While we're at Cameron Highlands, I was amazed at the amount of these cars on the road. Because for the rest of Malaysia, they're virtually non-existent or maybe just one or two, lying there, rusting away. But over here, these World War II Range Rovers (otherwise mistakenly known as Jeeps) are very much alive. When you're there, you can see them running around every few minutes. Most of the people here use them mainly to carry stuff from human, workers to produce to well, a lot of things. I could spend the whole week here and I would fail to see more than 30% of the same Jeep passing by again.

Anyway, here are some I managed to take pictures of, before the rest of the passengers chided me for snapping on the road. So, if you're not bored enough, just look at the photos below. Ha ha ha ha!

This is the first Jeep we saw when we arrived. This one has a tarpaulin

This is the Jeep at the Brinchang night Market. This one has a full canopy.

Again, at the same place but it has a roof rack

Again, this one has a roof rack but has yellow windows.

Hmm....... seems the roof racks are very common

This is the Jeep driven by a Lady whom we let her pass and she went and
block our path for a very long time.

Most of the Jeeps I have seen, it has been used for a very long time and
most of the things inside the cockpit are still there, albeit a bit worn.

This is the modern equivalent and this time, I caught them on film!
I wanted to take their picture on the second day but they were too
fast and with the kids around, its too risky to take attention off them