The trip up North . . . Prai

OK, I am going back up North. Again, just a week after my last trip to Sg. Petani, which is a week after Cameron Higlands, which was a week after Ipoh, which was, well, you get the picture. This time, its Prai. My mission is to assist a contractor in setting up and add new phones after they have done their renovations. Its going to be a two day event and so, I would need to stay for at least one night. Which is fine but with the work piling up on my tech, it was hard to leave them there and then. So, its going to be a simple job. I would be there to connect the new cables and also add in the new phones. The main distributor also has also sent in their techs to help me. Afterall, we're paying for their services.

So, without any breakfast or ceremony, I started my journey about eight in the morning, hoping to reach there in the afternoon do the work and then come back on the same day. But as luck would have it, te plan went to pieces when I met the contractor only to be told that the they're about to lay the cabling and its best to come back tomorrow at nine in the morning. So, I had no choice but to do as he says. And so, I had to spend a night at Hotel Berlin. Well, not Hotel Berlin anymore but Hotel Palm Inn now as it has been bought over by the group that ran Pelita Restaurants or so I am told at the counter. Nothing much has changed at the Hotel except that they have completely renovated the place inside out. You do not need to use keys anymore but reader cards to enter into your own room. They now have Astro channels, Wifi IN THE LOBBY and also everything is brightly lit. The room rates were quite reasonable and for an additional RM10.00, you get to have breakfast. However, there was only one complain (apart from the Wifi in the Lobby and not in the rooms) in that they do not have toilet paper in the toilet. So, the previous guest had nearly used up all the tissues in the room.

Since the afternoon is still young, I decided to call up Loctor to ask him for directions to Prai's equivalent of Pasar Road, which incidentally, was just behind the Hotel. And although its a Saturday afternoon, most of the shops were closed which really dampened my mood. I did managed to get some stuff for Loctor (more in a later post) and we had tea at MacDonalds. For dinner, as Loctor was unable to meet up, I decided to get some KFC and also some mangoes in the nearby Pasar Malam (Chain Ferry road, outside FORD).

On the next day, I called the contractor up and he said to come in after 12 since they're having some technical issues. So, again, more time wasted. By the time we stopped work, it was about eight in the evening and just in time to meet Loctor for dinner at Suen's. When the bill came, it was about RM65.00 which is great for five people. If we did this in KL, I think the bill would be double. I mean, when my Boss told me to treat the Distributor's technicians for a meal, he did not mention the budgetlimit (Kah kah kah kah).

What the Hell do you mean
the cable's not ready?

My quick breakfast and lunch for the day, hoping
to start the work but it got delayed

Prai's own Pasar Road. I can lay on the road
for a few miutes before being run over.

I did get some parts for Loctor's project but I think the torchlight
casing is too tough and thin to be making holes.Oh well, have to
get more inspiration.

There are a lot of weird stuff being sold there and tempted as I may
be, I had to stop myself because the prices up here is a bit steep if I
compare them to the actual Pasar Road. But where weird stuff comes
in, I had to buy some (hee hee hee hee).

Some of the stuff I got from Loctor. I am going to have a lot of
fun with the PC Power Supply in the near future!

After dinner, I went to Prai's Megamall to look for some Playstation One
games for Kristine. Unfortunately, they're now all obsolete and I might
have to download them on-line. Buying a PS2 is a bit too expensive. Oh,
and I got two of this toy gun thingy. Dunno what it was but it looked nice

The new Hotel Palm Inn next to the Longwan

Halfway working........